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Our own Art Galery to be open soon!

Remember I had these boxes transferred from my mum's place to ours?

It has sooo many useful things in there. Especially for the little guys. It was not only filled with books but a lot of stationary like pencil colors, crayons, water colors, pencil cases and stuff. The little guy went bonkers once he saw them but I put them up high high in his toy drawers so that he won't be drawing on the walls.

So since he is sooo into colors nowadays sampai nak makan pun siap identify the colors of each food bagai, so I thought why not we have some fun with colors? And this is how we do it! I asked him to say out loud the color that he wanted, and asked him to picked it up fromt he box. Just to make sure he knows the color by name.

The son's FIRST EVER masterpiece is now ready to be stuck on the fridge door! The moment it was done, he take a look at it and said "Mama, that's nice! Satgi show abah ok?!?' Hahahaha! MASUK BAKUL ANGKAT SENDIRI.

I just can't wait for us to open our very own galery together, son!


  1. HUWAAAA nak nangis okkkk!!!! ok i mmg emo kalu pasai irfan.. tingat kat sami.. huwaaaa

    psst sami punye i siap letak kt sticky album n frame haahha overst! irfan mmg creative! mmg patut letak kt fridge tuh!

  2. khadeja pon suker main kaler....:)

  3. ada bakat, tu lukisan abstract tu hehhe

  4. well done irfan!! tk lama lagi boleh dah nak bukak art gallery nih :)

  5. later show big mommy your masterpiece kay!!! ^_^

  6. buat exhibition kat rumah aunty la, irfan. aunty malas nak cat dinding lah...

  7. amboi pandai nya.. ada gaya pelukis hebat ni...



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