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Personal tutoring or leave it to the TV : what say you?

Praise to Allah.

At the age of 2 years 5 months, the little guy is able to identify most of the basic colors. The best thing about it is, I'm there to watch his progress in learning! Oh the perks of being a stay at home momma! He knows black from white, he knows green from blue but he's a little bit confuse in differentiating RED and ORANGE. Ironically, RED is the first color in the color wheel that I taught him to identify when he was just a year old! 


I noticed that he learns a lot from the educational programs that I played for him too such as Barney. But still, the feeling of actually teaching him stuff personally rather than letting him pick it up from the television is simply indescribable.

While growing up, my mother would personally be our tutor at home. Looking over our shoulder at the dining table while we do homeworks and revisions.  Tutoring at home was a must despite the fact that we were sent to tuition classes and such. So I hope to be able to do the same for my kids too. Who says it's a waste for a mother who has higher education to be a SAHM? Well, if you haven't figure it out, the knowledge that we have can be used in tutoring our kids for a good life in the future, insyaAllah!


  1. dos'nt have to be structured only must maintain the momentum. :)

  2. best yer....but for us yg working mum nih..i will make sure i will spent at least 1 hour after maghrib for Iqra', homework n reading.phewwwww

  3. pandainye little guy...boleh upah eskrem ni... :)

  4. lagik wasted dpt mami ade degree tp balik umah dh penat, mkn bungkus n terus tidokan anak hahaha. sami konpius lagik part kaler tp xtahan dia suka kire mole kitorg boleh tak??? patu dia frust sbb dia xdek mole hahahaha

  5. seronoknya boleh ajar anak2 hujung minggu ajer tu pun rasa mcm tak ckup.skang my nuha dah pandai kira 1-10 tp kdg2 ada no yang dia terskip :p



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