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Something Nostalgic #1 : From Milk Teddy To Coach

I've had these two boxes transferred from my parent's house to ours. One is filled with tonnes of books, and the other one is filled with my old belongings.

I found quite a number of nostalgic items in the 2nd box. I  can't seem to throw most of it out as they used to mean a lot to me. Most of it anyway. So. I'm thinking to start a series of posts about the nostalgic stuff I've had in my life. Let's start with one and see how it progress.

The first item that is useless but which I refused to throw away is this Milk Teddy purse. It was the first ever purse the big guy bought for me, almost 9 years ago while we started dating. Up to my pleasant surprise, his splurging on me has upgraded from a puluhan RM purse to ribuan ratusan RM handbags.

From this...

To this!
Well done big guy! Looking at the leap we made, within the next 9 years, I'm sure we would upgrade into Channel something better! Hehehe!


  1. milk teddyyyyy serious teringat zaman remaja dedolu...

  2. sy pun peminat purse milk teddy dulu!

  3. ihiksss...
    yg penting yg terseyum lebarrrrr mesti mrs mama nya kan :p

  4. weee heeee...cumill..
    Dulu time blajaq2 minat sungguh ngan milk teddy nih kan..
    Tapi pelik..tak bertukaq jadi coach powwnnnnn....!!

  5. hahah those were the days ... best best!!! ... i think my mom threw away my purses i bought hahaha ... thanks GOD tak jumpa MR Ali lagi time tu ... heheheh

  6. best..smpn lg ye..i ni dpt je yg baru..slalunye..yg hat lama2 tu ntah kemana..xbagus betul ehh.. :p

  7. ala comelnye milk teddy tuuu..

    psst.. kite nih jenis bercouple lama2 ke? hihihi..

  8. lady : sama lah kita! sooo cute kan the purses. hehehe

    eis : cute kan! hiks

    sz mass : yeeeeeeeeeeezzirrr!hahaha

    imma : dia tak bertukaq jadi coach tapi bertukaq jadi lain ok gak tuh! haha

    papakeechee : haaa kalau jumpa ali sure botak dia time tu lagik. haha

    dr singa : u haven't seen half of it!

    zeta : haaa...i memang jenis suka simpan barang! pasal tu store room penuh. haha

    ely : u couple lama gak ke? or u tanya i? hahaha.

  9. Ahahaha.. Baizurah, actually my newest purse is Milk Teddy.. tetibe terbalik kannnn hehe.. baru beli minggu lepas since purse Adi bg for my birthday bertahun dulu dah sgt buruk



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