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When a man do something wrong...

The big guy has been extra ... ermmm...what shall I say, lovey dovey perhaps, lately. Just when I would sit down quietly in my corner watching TV or just thinking, he'd be watching me with this one look in his eye. Then all of a sudden he would be going I love you bla bla bla.

Well, not that I don't appreciate it. But you see, it ain't easy being a woman! When your man doesn't pay attention to you, you'd think that he doesn't love you. When he starts being all lovey-dovey, you'd be thinking that something is up! He must have done something wrong behind my back!

Now, perhaps I should just stop being paranoid and enjoy the attention while it lasts!


  1. Aiyok..Tatayokk....Mesti ada apa2 tu.....Hehe..Jgn mara..

  2. aisey...dia nak bb gurl pulak kot..ekekekekeke

  3. hahaha... suspicious betul.
    xpa la bai. dia feeling jiwang kot...

  4. mama sohayl : hahahahha

    working mom : hmmm come to think of it, he ada mentioned gak. wakakkaakakkakakkaa

    isabelle : agaknya lah kan. hiks

  5. sbb puasa kot !! ... u look just so yummy to him !! hahahah ... yeah enjoy it la .. i dah give up dah ... -____-

  6. papakeechee : perhaps because i takleh posa and he has to 'posa' i look even yummier to him. eekekekekkeke ooops!

  7. hahah sian amin.. buat itu xkena buat ini pon xkena.. hahaha



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