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The scariest nursery rhyme ever existed on planet Earth!

It has become our daily routine to sing and dance when the little guy watches Barney on the laptop. However, while I'm on a fasting marathon ni, I always tried to find reason to ngelat from dancing around to his current favorite ever nursery rhyme "Ring Around the Rosie". So I updated my status in FB, on how I dreaded the song and all. After a while my friend commented about the song which is believed to be related to the Black Plague.

So I googled about the Black Plague. OMG!! It was a horrible, horrible disaster occured in between 1347 and 1350. Back then, one in every four people in Europe died because of it. By 1352 it would wipe out a third of Europe's population, or 25 million people, and would continue to spread death off and on for the next 300 years.

That's scary ok! Imagine this : the pandemic was so fatal that even by touching the clothes of the people infected could transfer the virus to you. Families deserted their own fathers, mothers, and even children. It sounds so  much like the Doomsday to me!  I'm so very thankful we are not caught in the midst of it. Scary mary ok!


Do you think that the little guy would let me get away from dancing with him, if I tell him how much horrified I am by the history of the Black Plague? Hehehe.


  1. U ni kan mmg pandai letak Title entry yg sgt dramatic..hehe =P.

    But it is scary indeed....x_x

  2. Ring Around the Rosie... a pocket full of posies ... itu ja lyrics i can remember ... and wah I had no idea ... scary bangat ni!!! Ya Allah!! Jauhkan la kita from any of these pandemics and make us healthy and happy always! .. AMEEN!!

  3. aiyooh... scary! cant imagine..
    u nak cite kat lil guy ke?

  4. mommyct : hahahaha...i kan penuh DRAMA! ;-)

    papakeechee : worse than H1N1 kan! takut!

    farah : kalau explain pun macam la dia faham. sure continue ajak main lompat2 lagik. haha

  5. i hope i didn't scare all the moms! mmg scary kan. kalau u baca pulak mana datang rhyme "jack & jill went up the hill" creepy jugak! i nak tulis kat sini panjang sangat for a comment, so if sape2 nak baca, it's here at ok.

  6. little guy tu mesti buaat2 paham bila mamanya bg lecture ttg lagu ni pastu dia akan sambung menari! :p

  7. may our health always on the bright side kan.. huhu

  8. i think black plague tu jd teruk sgt sebab zaman tu pun kotor & tak cukup medical research, kan?

    bukan tu aje nursery rhymes yg menakutkan, cam origin jack & jill. its about the french revolution. yg time diorang tumbangkan monarchy & pancung king, queen & all the bangsawan. "broke his crown" tu maksud pancung. then "jill came tumbling after" tu kepala queen lak bergolek jatuh after pancung.

  9. tskkk, scaryy! tajuk post u pon cukup scary hihihi

  10. i didn't know abt the history behind this rhyme, but it's true that most nursery rhymes are based on pretty dark pasts. Just the other day I watched a disney show about the origins of 'Mary mary quite contrary' - about Mary, Queen of Scots

  11. owh ya kaaaaa...huhuh nie bru tau ok!
    thanx for next time my niece nyanyi lagie tue i kene ajar dia lague lain :D

  12. huhuh..ya ke?..i xtau lar pasal lagu2 nursery rhyme ni...i tau nyanyi lagu tiga kupang jer..ekekekek...



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