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Complain salah, tak complain pun salah.

I'm just not in a very good mood nowadays. Every night it seems that I have something to get mad about. This mood swing, it's driving me up the wall. Menyebabkan saya kerugian pulak tu! Take for example last night. Dah elok-elok plan to get doughnuts after this lady made me crave for the soft and chocolatey sweet UFO-like substance, suddenly I found a reason to sulk. Now I'm banging my forehead on the wall. Why couldn't have I sulked AFTER we get the doughnuts? When the big guy prompted me to get out of the couch and get dressed last night, I totally refused sebab ego mesti mau jaga lah kan. Tengah merajuk maa! And now I'm paying for it. I can seriously see The Alien doughnut moonwalking in front of me right this minute!


Health-related, been having mild back ache again after almost 2 months of enjoying a pain-free back. To add to the stress, my feet and hands have been getting severely itchy lately. No no no! I don't think I'm gonna get any durian runtuh soon, though I've prepared a list of things to splurge on, just in case. Haha! But I'm pretty sure this is the case of allergic reaction to a household product that I have been using recently. Just can't quite put my fingers on it though. And my hands are getting extremely dry. It gets especially bad at night in the air-conditioned room. Thank God for my hand treatment cream which I've been neglecting for more than a year sampai expired. Welcome back BFF!

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Seriously, I have a lot more things to complain about. But I guess this will do for now. Wait for a merrier entry from me this afternoon. That is if I'll ever get around to posting it.



  1. heheheehe... alien tu memang boleh buat gile bayang kan.. hahahahahha... meleleh coklat dia.. hehhe.. saje je..

    sama la keadaan kita... walaupun rumah tkde aircond.. tapi kat opis ni... ekon sejuk gile.. bila keluar plak panas... memang kering la kaki tangan.. badan semua.. hehehehe

  2. ha!! welcome to the merajuk club ... "fortunately" I am still at it all the time ... hahah tak pe la .. tonight play nice and go get your Alien tu ... kalau boleh get extra and pass kat sini skit ... ^_^

  3. alahai..mesti menyesal sebab merajuk :)

  4. hi drama mama,thanks for the wish and the nice cute lah you merajuk..hee..hee kan dah rugi.lain kali merjuk plus mengarah ' i tak nak keluar tapi you pergi belikan i..."..hee..hee.So good the little guy suka veges,tiamia love broccoli,bayam and carrot too:) p/s your advert board ni sometimes tutup bahagian nak comment,i tak boleh comment at your latest entry:(



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