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Don't you worry Mr. Galaxy Defender, I have your back!

I'm so tired! The big guy asked me to pay the maintenance fees at the management office today. So off I went in the morning, with the little guy in tow. I dreaded going down actually as I'm fasting, and I definitely knew what was in store for me if I go to the office.

And I was proven right!

The little guy decided to be the galaxy defender today, to prevent the planet earth from being hijacked by the aliens. Apparently, according to him, the aliens are all around us, hiding themselves inside the body of other animals. So you can only imagine my excitement when he wanted to go kill all the animals around us with his shotgun!

First he wanted to finish off all the fishes in the pond. Then all the birds flying high in the sky. As his loyal partner in crime, I had to be there to watch his back, just in case any of them made a surprise move to tackle him from behind.
Hoyeh partner! One down, 10 more to go!

And also to tell him which is his right foot and which is left foot when he wanted to put his sandals back on. After he was done with the mission.

Oh! Not fogetting to press the elevator buttons where he couldn't reach them.


After all that I'll-be-watching-your-back favor from me, what did I get in return?

A portrait shoot from the man himself! Oh little guy, you might make a great galaxy defender, but you sure sucks at taking photographs! Perhaps you just stick to your former profession, oh kay!

Finally! It's about time! Even though this pic makes me look like a fat orang gaji tengah curi tulang, letak jugak lah. Since this is the only pic he managed to capture that has MY FACE in it.

Ok Mr. Buzz Lightyear Galaxy Defender, now go work on that camera trick to make your mother looks slim in all the piccas! GO GO!


  1. nanti weekend ni boleh shoot shoot arees plak ... wakakakak ... arees has an evil mother!! ^_^

  2. kena polish lg ur photography skills ni irfan hehehe

  3. hehehe... bestnye main galaxy defender..
    tp tgh puasa mesti letih gak kan, mcm i smlm laa, kul 10 dh pengsan penat!!

  4. papakeechee : hahaha shoot arees' mom then!

    yatie : memang kena polish nih!

    farah : haaa smalam i pengsan kul 11 ++. that's early k for our standard!

  5. Salam,jemputlah singgah & follow blog saya ya..tq



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