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Another room make overrrrrrrrr!

My bro revamped his room and letting go of most things that he deemed unnecessary in there. Among others, there were these two book racks attached to the wall that he didn't want to have there. Plus all the books. They are very very meaningful to me as had been there since I was in primary school and  they were the ones holding all my books throughout those times. Plus the fact that it's still in a very good condition as they were custom-made and not store bought. So I decided to bring them to our house and stick them up the wall in the computer room.

Alang-alang dah nak panggil orang pasang those racks, I bugged the big guy to paint the wall too. He refused at first but gave in to his wife's wailing in the end. Haha!

We thought of all the possible colors we wanted for the computer aka study room, and decided on GREEN! Why green? Because the color is cheerful! And if we are to have a daughter later on, we can just add some pink and white furniture to the room and then they would look as sweet as my new handbag!

Blue + green pun not bad eh?

But then again, my eyes can’t get over yellow paints too, so  in the end we decided on the YELLOW GREEN Matex paint from Nippon Paint! They’re cheap, totally BRIGHT and I hope they’ll look good on the wall. If not, then we’re just gonna have to keep the door to that room close all the time until we could paint it another color again! Hehehe.

Oh, I so want these racks for the study room!!! Tapi takdak duit nak buat, sapa nak sponsor, angkat tangan!? Hehe!

Anyway, our racks and furniture in the room ain't gonna be white like in those pictures. Though they would look magnificent combined with the wall color, unfortunately we do not have the budget to revamp the whole look in there. Thus, we will make do with what we have. We would just varnish some of it to make them look brand new, I hope!


I was the one so excited with this project, but up to last night it was the big guy is who did all the jobs from sand-papering the old racks to clearing the room for repainting. Ringan tulang sungguh! That's why I love you so strong laling! Heeeeeeeee!


  1. suka the white and green tu sesangat!!!!!!

  2. oh my i seriously cant wait for the make over ... cepat cepat cat!!! #_#

  3. babe heres the tips for fluffy egg

    hahahhaha yeahhhh i tot i sorang je hampeh bab goreng telur nie! heheheh
    welcome to the club dollies!

    care nak bg fluffy!

    goreng dlm MINYAK YG MAHA DEWA BYK!!! hmmm sukatan dia??? dlm satu cawan minyak kot...n make sure minyak tue PANAS GILER!
    dah tuang dlm minyak panas tue 'kuis-kuis' the egg kasi spread ke tepi...
    yesssss mmg agaks oily laaaa...
    tp confirm fluffy n SADAPPPPP!

    even if semate2 telur je pon sedap!
    tp my version nak lagi sedap...bubuh black pepper + curry leaves!
    boley addicted ok!

    sekian dari dapur easy peasy ladyverde...via cpm's comment box! hehehhe

  4. whoa bestnya make over! cepat2 cat & upload gambar k, i nak tiruuu ;p hihihi

  5. ..chantek combination blue+ green tue..yg hijau je pun chantek..nk renovate bilik hostel gak r cam nie..ahahah..



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