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ALL ABOUT DATING. And Something Nostalgic #2 : Friends Forever

One of the comment in my previous post inspired this short entry. Thanks Ely! I owe you one! Ok, straight to the point, shall we? Among my siblings, three of us are among those people who took a long time courting before tying the knot.

- But first, it was  MY PARENTS! They met in Form 3(either one of them F.3) and got married when my mom was 24 y.o.

- Then, it was my eldest brother who met his better half in 1997 (if I'm not mistaken) and tied the knot in either 2005 or 2006. Tak ingat! Hehe. That's like 8-9 years of courtship before they were declared man and wife.

- After that, followed by moi! The big guy and I met early 2001 and tied the knot in 2007. That's more or less 7 years of courtship.

- Finally, my youngest brother who started dating his current gf since Form 3 and now he is in UTP doing matriculation (or whatever you call it). Semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin, ameen!

Anyway. Moving on to Something Nostalgic #2 : I found a bunch of stuff related to my eldest SIL. Let's see.

We used to be very close while we were reaching adulthood. While we were studying in KL and my bro in UUM, we used to hang out together too. Not that often but there were times when she would bring me to her relatives house and all. And she always treat me to good food and stuff, that's what I love most about my SIL. Hahahaha! mata duitan. 

Anyway, I found a bunch of pictures, the birthday pressies and card she gave me last time.

This was taken during their engagement

The hantaran tunang she made herself! Kagum tak? Heeee! That's my BIL holding it. :-D

And finally the birthday gifts and card!

Though they're old and worn, they are nostalgic stuff. That's the reason why I find it extremely hard to throw them away! It shall be passed down to my daughter, if I am to have one lah. Hehe!


Back to our main topic. What about you? How long did you date your better half before tying the knot?


  1. Hiks..cerita pasal nostalgia kann..sgt merindui zaman tuu..dating2..couple2..hehehe..

    Kenai Mr Hubby on Sept 06, dating about 6 engaged on March 07 and end up with the knot that was tied on Nov the same year..2007.. :-) ~sweet~

  2. With my other half i anggap sebagai jodoh yg Allah kurniakan..alhamdulillah..
    i met him..then in about 13months later..we're married..

    Back to the topic..brg2 tu..pas kat doter in law pon bleh..hehehe.. :p

  3. saya dengan hubby kawan 4 thn then tunang setahun pastu kawen..

  4. Back to years 1999 - 2009, semua percintaan terkandas di tengah jalan hoho.. So like i told in my blog:

    we all tak bercinta pun, kenal pun atas dasar nama jer. Sekarang bercinta lepas kahwin ;-)

  5. As for me, we met in 1999, get married in 2002..tak le lama , takle pendek sgt time dia..

  6. teruskann i suka cite mengenang kisah lama nih.. hantaran tu utk era tu mmg supreb ok! hahah serius up to date sama level cm skang. bagus la sil u nih hehhee..

    ermm i met papi oct 2002 patu bercinta seminggu lps jumpa ok!!! papi even claim love at first sight hamboii mmg gatai..hahahha patu kawin 2007 and smpai skang gak tiap kali jumpa papi.. ade rasa butterfly kt dlm perut begitu la cinta saya terhadap dia .. ya allahh getikk! hahah

    p/s - pas nih sila siarkan baju lama yg xsanggup dibuang if any

  7. me and hubby technically only dated for 6 months before getting engaged, but we were best friends for about 3 years before that (he had another gf at the time... oopss...)... but because we started out as friends i felt that it was so much better for us, and when we started dating it was so much sweeter



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