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Dolls Vs. Robots

As a kid, I simply loved playing with dolls. ESPECIALLY the barbie dolls. So last couple of nights when we went for a quick shopping at one of the departmental stores, I suddenly get the urge to buy Barbie dolls. Look at those on the racks! They're simply divine, aren't they?

But for whom shall I buy them for???? I don't even have a daughter!!! 

Even though the only son that we have can sometimes get confuse with his fashion sense, but still! He's a boy!

And being a boy, of course he will act boyish when it comes to the choice of toys he wants to play with. Oh my! He's just so into guns and robots now, I get kapla pusing every time he asks me to play with him.

Anyone care to lend me their daughter for just one day? I want to have a calm play session  hosting a pretend tea party with the dolls. Pretty please?!?!


  1. ahahah..
    tkpe..harap2 adik irfan nnt gigirl..

  2. he he he..
    mcm tulah sy rase dulu masa anak sorang.Yelah yg sulung boy..mmg pening kalu nk layan dia main..last2 sy suruh abah dia main nagn dia..jiwa sy xsesuailah main robot2 ni..hahahahaha

  3. meh i doakan for a girl k!
    so later sure u pening kat isle doll plak nak pilih doll mane nak beli :D ehhehe

  4. hahaha cute la makcik kenit tu!! =P ... ha ask farizah la ... kot kot can come over for a play-date nanti??? =P

  5. i xtau la kalu i dpt daughter.. competition.. competition beb.. hahahha

  6. hehehe... boy pun ok what.... boleh main lasak2... tomoi2 hehehe...

  7. confession of shaferlicious

    pssst, saya baru beli 2 BBie (fashionista edition)..awak nak play date ngan saya? tea party like u wish may be?

    (sengal lah i Bai..i xleh tahan la, they are so comel n genit skali) HiHihi..

  8. tambah lah satu lagi Babe!!!

  9. hahahha..u sure ker bley main ngan tenang kalu ader dotter..mai xchange ngan i punye sat...nnt takut you plak berebut handbag, lipstik, mekup bagai ngan naak i tuh...hahahhaha
    skang ni dah pandai plak declare...mekup ibu..mekup ku jua...huhuhuh

  10. If you manage to borrow a daughter, pls let me knw so that I can ask for 1.. hehehhee

  11. dah boleh da bagi irfan adik tu...ekeke..
    I have a doter but she's not into dolls? haiya.. so tak dapat nak lend to u la bai..hehe..

  12. x payah pinjam dear u buat ja lagi satu heheh insyaAllah :)

  13. hmm..
    i boleh bagi pinjam...

    tapi kena janji..


    (( macam arees selalu buli every Sats at office.. ))




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