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A letter of apology

I believe that in business, the worst thing that could ever happen to any business owner is not being able to deliver the services or products that as per promised.

A customer was going to pick up a diaper cake order this evening at our house. But suddenly an urgent family matter came up. I was torn in between both and asked the sweet lady if it's possible to postpone the time a couple of hours later than promised, as I won't be around at the house at the promised time.

She was okay with it and all, but I just felt really bad about it. So, I believe that she deserves a compensation from TWS. It's not much of a compensation though, just as a token of appreciation for understanding my situation in this case.

To Andrea. If you're reading this, I am extremely sorry for the delay. I hope you love the diaper cake. Jangan serik nak order lagi ya. :-)

Anyway. I wonder how other business owners compensate their customers if they fail to deliver on time?


  1. wow kalau i jadi customer terus sejuk hati tau.. i tak ada pengalaman buat business tapi sebagai pelanggan dah cukup baik kalau diinform earlier tentang kelewatan, but u kasi something lagi, m sure sejuk hati dia.. insyaAllah.. :)

  2. bestnya jd customer tu...nak kad nak kad nak kad..hehehe

  3. awww that really sweet ... dont think many would even bother to compensate la ... InsyaALLAH your business will bloom more and more!!! AMeeeeeeeen!!! ^_^

  4. how nice of u..
    kalau saya..mesti tak serik nak oder lagi...

  5. kalo i order, leh x u saja2 buat xleh siapkan on time? nanti leh i dpt hadiah best..hehehe

  6. i suka la cmnih.. xpe my next order lmbt2 aje pon boleh ok hahahaha

    kalau i pon maybe bagi free ape2 kot.. hihihi

  7. baik nya u..
    two thumbs for great seller like u!

  8. Sweet gesture on yr part! Its thoughtful deeds like this, no matter small or big, that grants repeat customers!



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