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Tolong jangan benci saya sebab anak saya buat bising dalam panggung wayang!

The little guy has been getting so excited every time he sees the Toy Story 3 advert on TV. So last week  I was all set to bring him to his first movie experience ever! That's because I could see him associate with the movie characters and I noticed too that his attention span is getting better. 

So, once the big guy gave his green light, I got so worked out thinking of the fun we were going to have watching movie together! It was the most anticipated moment of my life! One of my son's FIRST experiences in doing something huge! Tengok movie with a 2 y.o is a huge experience in my book okay!

So last Saturday, off we went to buy tickets for the movie. The big guy went to check at QB but it was full house except for midnight show. Oh no! Midnight is no good as little guy would be asleep by then, so off we went shopping first before making a stop at GSC Gurney Plaza. We reached GSC at around 6:30, and the next available slot for Toy Story 3 was at 9ish pm. The big guy refused to wait that long as we've been out since afternoon. So we had to settle for the available shows instead. Sob sob!

Seriously, I was soooo disappointed that we didn't managed to catch the Toy Story. Now, I don't know about you. But I seriously hate the way it makes me feel when I don't get to fulfill my baby's desire. Cehh! Macam lah dia kisah sangat kan. Come on, he's only 2 years! He wouldn't miss what he didn't get. But I don't know why, I was seriously sebak ja tetiba! I was thinking all sorts of things like "His first movie experience ever, and not watching something he had been so psyched about!". And things like that you know. I guess fathers don't get emotional like that, the way we mothers do. Tsk tsk tsk.

First popcorn experience!

First 1901 experience!

Oh and to make matters worse for me, every time he saw the Toy Story banner/bunting, the little guy would shout and jump with joy "Woooooww! Toy Stoyie!" and made people around him laughed looking at his over-excitement. Lagiiii la sebak mama dia kan!

Anyway, once we were inside the cinema - watching Nanny McPhee instead - the little guy was just excited all the same. He was quite jakun looking at big screen TV and the fantastic surround system, that he didn't take his eyes off the screen for the whole 10 minutes. But his attention span lasted for only that long, before he discovered the joy of the kerusi lipat and started to sandwich himself in between them. And trying to squeeze himself along the aisle and between his parents' legs. And oh, he even went overboard by asking for popcorn from the kakak seating in front of him! Nasib  the kakak thought the he was cute instead of annoying. I think. Cause the kakak just grinned joyously at him. Whatever.

However, the worst part was, he couldn't stop talking so loudly that I was afraid someone would throw eggs at us right there and then. Luckily no sumpah seranah came our way, though I noticed and tried to ignore some hateful stares from a couple of ladies after the show ended. Hiks. Anyway.  You can't blame me! I tried to be discreet with him by whispering every time I wanted to talk to him, but the big guy spoke to him in his normal voice every time, which in that hushed environment sounded like a bomb explosion at Pearl Harbour! Haih! So the little guy, taking cue from his dad, thought that it was okay to scream like he always does. At one point of the movie, where the pigs were doing amazing stunts on the screen, he shouted so loud "Woowwwwwww!!!! PIG FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" that I almost went into hiding under the chair. Oh tapi tak muat, I was too big for the minute space. Haha!

The movie was quite good, and I enjoyed it despite not paying 100% attention to what was shown on the screen. I know the little guy had such fun time too, though he didn't understand half of it. But the best thing was, he just loved being in the cinema as it was totally a new experience for him. Oh, he didn't tell me that! I just made it all up to make it sound as if it was such unforgettable experience for a 2 y.o like him. Hahaha!!

But seriously, despite not getting to watch what we initially planned to watch, the experience was still priceless. Hopefully the big guy tak serik wanna bring his son to the movie again. We still have time to catch the Toy Story 3 this weekend kan kan kan! Hehehe.

Oh, since tak dapat tengok the movie, I bought the toy for him instead. Now my days are filled with the rifle shots by the bravest galaxy defender ever, Muhammad Aqil Irfan!! *pengsan!*


  1. he he he..comel jer irfan buat mcm umah sendiri kat dlm pggung wayang tu..kira oklah tu dia xmrengek cume dia terloud speakaer plak yer..he he he..1st time anak sy tgk wayang masa umur 4 tahun itu pun mcm xkonfiden jer takut dia boring tp alhamdulillah ok jerlah wpun kdg2 ade jer dia ajak balik time tgk wayang tu..:)

  2. mama yg sedih bangat tak dpt tgk toy story ni..ihiksss

  3. movie experience is always fun..
    our first, tgk Chipmunk.. bwk Aqilah skali lak tu, she was good laa sleep allthru..gelap kan, jd dia ingat que utk dia tdo kot.. tp alahai dh nak dkt ujung dia berak pulak, agak horror gak laa sbb cinema takde baby room kan..
    adoi, jenuh i cube mcm2 position, bile i klua blk cite dh abis n everybody dh kluaa.. luckily ada adik tu baik, suh i ikut jln depan je, n escort i kluaa.. siapkan pegangkan beg.. hee..

    time tu Aqilah dgn pampers jer, sbb baju terkena, nasib mmg plan nk beli baju utk dia n masa tu sale.. jd klua dr cinema pi borong baju.. heeee

    ahad lepas pun kitorg nk tgk toystory tp kat sini masih fullhouse laa, available midnite.. gile tul. i pun cam u sgt hampa, dh laa nadhrah mmg dh nk sgt tgk cite tu.. tp nasib baik abah dia explain tiket abis dia paham..

  4. hahaha..thats cute, i'd say.
    alaa..kalo ramai budak dlm cinema tu, mesti diorg faham la...

  5. haha..kami pun teringin nak bawak bdk dua org tu tgk Toy Story 3..mmg feberet dorang. Tp memikirkan Arif bila mlm2 nak tidoq..bila switch off lampu..dia akan menangis..menjerit2..suh bukak blk..risau plak nk bwk pi . Lg satu..kalu tgk citer lawak2 dorang dua org ni suka gelak kuat2...nnt jd cam Bai..rasa nk nyorok bwh kerusi.

  6. owhh happened to me twice sbb dah bawak my lil azim tgk wayang..

    mmg bising la my boy..sekejap gi sana sekejap gi sini..sampai 'tersentuh' kepala orang depan..mmg marahla org depan kn? tapi dia tak sengaja coz dia over excited..huh!

    me myself pun tak phm kenapa org nak marah..klu dah movie tu under U so i think budak2 mmg blh masukla kan? so tau2 je la kids macam mano..masa me and hubby bujang dulu slalu jugakla bertenet dlm wayang...;P budak bising, terkena kepala bla bla bla kami takde pulak nak marah..nak marah buat apa, kids are like that!!

    grrrr....sorry sis terluah kat sini pulak...hehehe

    take care

  7. ala frustnyeee.. mmg la kaum bapak nih xemo cam kite hahahhaa.. u tau baru smlm anto papi g keje, sami ikut pastu baru i anto dia g school tp dia leh ckp ape kt papi time kt parking tu.. 'papi sami nak pg tgk uuuvieee (silent m)' ya allah siannye.. maybe dh bese park kt opis papi then g klcc tgk movie.. nangis dia bila dia tau kena g school sob sob sob..

    eh gambo amin ngan irfan tu cute lah! selama ke nih i tgk dia ikut muka u.. now dia mmg totally ikut bapak dia hahahaha

  8. ha sempat sempat since it just started showing kan ... i must say out of all that Aqil was very well behaved actually ... arees would have to wait till he turns 12 kot before I even decide to bring him to any cinema ... kekeke ...

  9. okeihhh..slmt me n kids x same movie theatre ngan irfan..kalu idak abg Ichlas buat shhhhhhhhhhh

    alhamdulillah our kids behave ja tgk movie..maybe lps pantang kitaorg dah angkut pi masuk..kekekekekeke

  10. kihkih babe..normal lah tu if bawak 2 yo masuk cinema..nasib baik dia tk cry nak keluar coz takut gelap and bunyi kuat...
    my dotter pun dok begging me nak watch toy story 3...

  11. me, definitely no tengok wayang mybe sampai umur 4thn kot… hehehe.. Xconfident nak bwk my ziyad, takut huru hara je kat situ nnti…confirm dia turun naik tangga, jumping here & there.. movie tah ke mana, kami tah kemana...

  12. kihkihkih....
    kiuttttttttttnya irfan!!!!!!!
    next... Shrek3!!



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