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Proses tumbuh tahi lalat

The little guy is currently undergoing the process of TUMBUH TAHI LALAT! Haha! I know it sounds funny, but end of last week, I just noticed that his face looks so semak with scratch wounds and all. So I scrutinized them one by one and came across these two smallest ever moles. One on his forehead and one on the nose. I tried scratching them off just to make sure that they were moles and not wound. They are moles, alright!

I have one myself on the top part of my forehead. I can't be sure if it is mole or whatever though, as it is quite reddish in color. But I know someone who has mole on his forehead too! It's his tok abah!

So this just proves that the little guy is very much cucu tok abah indeed!

The big guy said : "Tumbuh moles kat muka? Jangan banyak sangat sudah, nanti jadi macam 'Aunty' P*h - male version!" Hahaha.


  1. haaa!!! they say if u have a mole on your forehead means you are SMART!!! i have to agree la since I have a hidden one right on my head ... hahahah ... tumpang angkat bakul for my nephew sekali boleh?? =P

  2. qila pun baru nak tumbuh kat tangan dia.. tak sukalah hehehehe

  3. Haa..ok jugak tu klu bnyk ada moles kat muka..since version yg ada pon dah nak exoired kan..Irfan bole ganti..kekekekeee..jadi little version yg comel..

  4. ahahhaa..sgt prihatin la mama irfan membelek muka anak bujang ni ye...hehehehe...nnt blh la jaadik "datuk p*h"...

  5. takpe moles tu pemanis kata orang... makin handsome nanti..

  6. u ni observant gak ekk?
    kalo i, bend atu dah obviously dark & big baru i perasan gamaknye..hehe



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