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Eating frenzy!!!

Yeay! I knew it that the melodramatic entry will work it's magic on the big guy. I purposely left the laptop on with the entry filling the laptop screen when he came back home yesterday. That's because I wanted him to read it while having dinner, and that's what he did exactly! After done reading, he said absent-mindedly "We'll watch Toy Story 3 this weekend, insyaAllah". And then he squinted his eyes and looked straight into my eyes, "You knew this was coming didn't you?!?"

Yerp! Exactly darling. Haven't you heard? Traditionally, they said that 'THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH".  As for modern wives like me, it's only obvious that "THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART IS THROUGH HER BLOG!". So try combine those two, there results will be most satisfying, I guarantee! Hahaha!

I'm all up to the adventure of bringing the the cheeky boy to cinema again. For those individuals who would feel disturbed by the little guy's jovial behavior, I just want to apologize in advance. You just gonna have to learn to tolerate with other people, or else you should go built your own theater in the comfort of your own home. *peace!*

This is gonna be so exciting I can imagine! It's not only the time to let him have fun watching his fave show, but it's also the time to teach the little guy how to behave in public, the do's and dont's and what nots.Of course, I've read somewhere that we should not put a high-expectation on a preschooler to concrete on something for too long, as their attention span will only last as much as they aged. Which in the little guy's case is  like what? 2 FREAKING MINUTES?!? But well, we're going to survive and have fun doing it, that's for sure!

Oh, the best part is, he will get to indulge himself in the popcorn- frenzy again!

You can't deny it, melantak  popcorn is the best thing ever about watching movie, isn't it?!


  1. Ichlas loves popcorn too...but waktu tgk shrek sblm dia tercekik......mkn dlm gelap kot

  2. tak mo!!! tak mo!!! hahaha ... adorable indeed ... ha enjoy the Toy Story 3 this weekend then ^_^

  3. iswatie : tercekik popcorn?!? that's scary! huhuhu

    papakeechee : hopefully ada time la this weekend. if not kena postpone lah huhuhu

  4. ahhahaa bijakkk... suka suka suka.. i pon nk buat gitu la.. cuma xsure papi baca ke idak.. dia tau i nye password pong dia xkuasa nk belek .. apetahlagik la dok tayang gitu.. terus dia tutup patu main games.. chesss..

    i kan if g movie n cite tu utk kids.. mmg bersedia dgr segala 'drama'.. yg i xpaham audience yg lein.. dh tau tgk cite gitu tpaksa la terima ye dak? btw sami penah tarik rmbut gadis dpn dia.. gadis tu tgh sedap landing kat bahu kekasih tu... hahahhaha jadik jais kejap dia..

  5. " thru her blog"??? u are genius!:)

  6. muahaha such a great idea..
    btw i suka popcorn tapi i geram bila makan popcorn ada serpih biji popcorn lekat kat gigi.. tak senang duduk i dibuatnya hahahah

  7. i agree.mmg melantk popcorn buat kita ralit time tgk movie,,,



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