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Pengalaman menggembirakan dan menyeramkan in one night!

Last Friday night, we visited the big guy's colleague who had just undergone a brain surgery. At Penang Adventists Hospital. So alang-alang we were around that area, we shot off to Feringghi.

The last time we went there was when I was pregnant with Irfan. It has been 2 long years that I almost forgot how CROWDED the place is with local people and foreigners too! The stretch of stalls along the pedestrian walk goes on forever. At one point while I was walking along the street, I thought I was going to faint! It was hot. It was crowded. But it was all interesting at the same time that I didn't want to stop walking.

Unfortunately,  no pictures were taken as we were busy stopping at each and every stalls admiring the stuff they have there. Among the goods offered were fake designer bags, sunglasses, clothes, shoes, jeweleries, table runners, cushion covers, home deco and countless items tat I can't seem to recall at the moment.

However, the goodies that really caught my attention was the various colorful bangles selling at such low price! I managed to grab only 4 though, before the big guy gave me a hard stare. Oh, if you haven't know, that's cue for us ladies to stop buying; or else! Hehe. But they are like reaaaaally dirt cheap, selling from RM10 per piece to belasan ringgit. Any one can afford them, that's for sure!

Hey y'all! Mamu nak pi CHAMBERING sat naa! Daaa!

We didn't walk until the end of the street though as the little guy was tired and wanted to be dukung all the time. So after almost an hour walking around, we made a detour to the car park. Once inside, the big guy's genius brain suddenly came up with a crazy idea. He wanted to go round island, in the middle of the night. Yerp it was nearing midnight, and he wanted to take the winding road through Teluk Bahang to go home. 

Naively, as I never went round island during the night,  I agreed with him. That was the most stupid decision I ever made in my whole life! Seriously, if you ever think of going round island in the middle of the night, I advise you not to. There was this one stretch of the road near Teluk Bahang, where the road were so narrow and dark, that even when the big guy was driving 40km/h it felt like he was speeding!  One side of the road was the semak samun segala, and the other side was gaung. There were seriously no street lights at all. None. Nil. ZERO! Yilek! I was so afraid for our lives then! Mengucap banyak-banyak ja time tu. I was also afraid to look at anywhere else but my own hands, takut nampak benda-benda tak di ingini. Heeee! Scary!

At one time during the looooooong drive, I tried to look for the Quranic verses CD but it was hard to see anything in the dark. I turned down the volume of the radio as I was feeling uneasy, but the big guy responded by saying " Lahhhhh! Lagi la seram ok when you turn down the volume!". Haaa! It definitely gave me goosebumps all over the body when he said out loud what I've been thinking all the while! That night, it took forever for us to reach home. All I wanted to do once we arrived was duck under the cover and be thankful that we were back home in one piece!

So two pieces of advices for you guys out there :

1) If you ever make it to Penang, don't forget to jenguk the Feringgi Night Market for all sorts of interesting and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP goods to bring back home.
2) BUUUUTTTT, never attempt to go round island in the middle of the night. You might not be able to survive the suspense throughout the journey!


  1. ya allah gila la u nihhhh... eeeiiiiii...i dh tbyg hantu tenggek atas kete eeii...

    i penah carry sami yg dh tido n jalan kt nite market situ almost sejam patu i selamba bersila tepi sambil pangku sami cam org mintak sedekah tu sambil menunggu sista soping hihihi..

    last year i g pangkor ngan sista family patu dok sewa van yg muat 8 org adult but sumbat 13adults & 4childrens + sami lagik plus the driver lagik patu bleh pusing pangkor island wic is satu korner nih giler senget patu paling xtahan turun naik bukit ya allahhh kecut okkkkk n mmg tepi bukit bukau tepi lagik gaung..van tu gerak 10km/jam ok 90degrees naik bukit sbb berat eeeiiii seriawww dh la time tu nak maghrib.. i tnya biq is it the time we should mengucap??? nk gelak ade nak nangis pon ade hhhahahaa

  2. u yg mmg penakut tu, i xpelik la kalo u had goosebumps.
    tapi kalo amin pun dah ckp mcm tu...errkk.. thats something to think about.

  3. bangles smua cantik la kak! nanti nak kena pi la night market tu. BTW, mmg scary gila jln tu. Irfan mcm mana? Mesti dia syok sbb gelap. Hehe.

  4. Amboi..ini baru betui namanya anak mami ni..hehehe..gelang sampai ke lengan..

  5. ahahaha....mmg tak puas menyinggah setiap stall kat sinun! sama gak la mr boss dah menjeling bg signal "udah2 la bini ku! " :))

  6. my bro dok kat teluk bahan situ memalam memang agak sunyi kan... balik pulau pun lebih kurang gitu gak kan... tapi the nite market tu i suka giler meriah kan memacam ada...

  7. saya baca pun rasa seram ehehehee...

  8. jemput singgah

  9. salam kenal dan salam blogwalking...all i have to say now is...i mizz penang all my heart...usm and all about penang

  10. i pun suka gi are aferinggi road tu malam2..seriusly mmg murah2. i pernha bwk arwah ma ke situ, and she bought herself those fake handbag dgn harga murah berganda2 dr yg dia pernha beli sblm ni.

    and yes...jln tepi island tu mmg sgt2 seram waktu malam occay...i pun pernah lalu sekali. tobat menyesal smp sekarang haha

  11. pergh,..itu memang seram okayyy. i tak tau kalau i cukup berani nak drive mcm tu.

  12. oh! very scary!!!! pstt, i jugek adalah penakut... kalau hubby drive kete mlm2 kat jalan yg sunyi & takde lampu, i akan tutup jek mata sambil peluk hubby... giler punye penakut eyh???

  13. TEN BUCKSSSS!!!! Seriously!!!!????!!! Nak gak nak gak!!! boleh save duit lepas ni ... hehehhe =)

    Btw I had my share of scary "night-drives" like tat masa kat kl dulu and tat one cause we got lost ok and the worse part was there was NO SIGNAL watsoever ... so kalau kereta tiba2 stop memang no hope of being saved ... hehehhe ... but thrilling la ... u can look back and tell your grandkids about it betapa rangginya atok atok mereka ... ngeh ngeh ngeh ^_^

  14. kalau siang hari round pulau ikut jalan teluk bahang pemandangan cantik,suhu sejuk dan nyaman :)

    tapi kalau malam,suhu sejuk dan seram..ahahaha

  15. pernah jln dulu kat situ tp sianglah..boleh bygkan keadaan dia yg menakutkan tu sebab sunyi n tepijlannya semak samun...kalu sy pun takut...seram



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