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Gila meroyan : A mom's worst nightmare!

Postpartum blues. The worst nightmare for all mothers! Don't think that meroyan is only for the MALAY! It happens to all women regardless of their skin color, races and religions.

Well. Reason for this post is that WHI is discussing about MEROYAN on TV. Well. All women are prone to have the postpartum depression aka meroyan after they give birth.  That's because they are in their weakest condition after such struggle to bring another being into this world.

I have to say, the best piece of advice given by the ustazah in this session is : SUAMI JANGAN BUAT PERANGAI. Because she said, it's during this time that other people (husband and other people around her) could be most insensitive to the condition of the wife. Men should realize how the wife bertarung nyawa to give him an heir. How much blood she lost during the process. How weak her body gets. Worst is, it is during this time the devil can play a good role in messing up with the mom's head. Not only that, syaitan can come out with all sorts of  'gangguan' during this time as the wife bukan dalam keadaan suci kan.  Remember, syaitan will try it's hardest to mess up your marriage all the time, because if it succeed, SYAITAN TU DAPAT NAIK PANGKAT OKEH! Serious tak tipu!

So it is only vital that a husband should be there for the wife and not leaving her alone to tend for the baby and herself. Pamper her during this time. Be gentle and loving to her.  Take over the chores. Don't shunt her aside because she smells of herbs and looks undesirable with kain batik days and nights. TELL HER YOU LOVE  HER. Show your love to her. MAKE HER HAPPY! It's only for 2 forsaken months. She has done more for you by carrying your legacy inside her body for nine months! Do you think she is not depressed having to go through such ordeal? How would you feel the situation is reversed and you were to be in her shoes?

Oh I also heard that in some cultures, husband is forbidden to keep wife company. What an oppressive culture! Some men even refuse to touch - even salam - with the mother in confinement, which I believe just heighten the stress level of the mommies. Dah penat berhempas pulas tahan sakit segala, now she's being punished for it pulak? SADIS TAK?!? What the hell la kan! I  never heard that Islam forbid husbands to be with the wives during the confinement period, or does it?

Whatever it is, husbands should JUST UNDERSTAND YOUR WIVES. Put other things aside, as she is the most important being that you need to take care of during this time. You are the sole person who can make it all better for her. Who could help her get through the period with happiness instead of sadness and depression. SHE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and so is the baby.

And the advice given to all women out there :  Don't think too much of the hateful things other people do unto you during this time. Think only of your baby and the happiness that he/she brings into the world. Concentrate on the baby and how complete your life is with their presence. You're the only person who can control your own 'weather' and mood. So choose to be happy! And observe your pantang rules strictly.

As for me, I was depressed too during my confinement. Very depressed. Hanya Allah yang tahu. But alhamdulillah, I didn't get the postpartum depression. And pray that I won't get one if we are to have another baby in the near future. Ameen!


  1. aiyaaa ... sgt scary la ... Nanti I will copy paste this entry when I am in confinement nanti (bila ntah!?!?) ... hopefully no "meroyan"ing for any of us nanti ... AMEEEEEN!!!

  2. i depress gak.. sgt depress .. paling xtahan i tot dlm pantang aje.. tp berbulan gak la.. now dh ok sket cuma kadang2 aje i rasa.. n i know mmg depress tu dtg sbb i bersalin!! seb beik la sami tu comel kurang depress aku hihihihi

  3. yang penting...
    good moral support after delivery..
    especially from husband..
    tolong2 tgk baby.. bagi isteri tidur jap..
    takdenya meroyan tu sebab tak ikut pantang..tak tepek dahi dgn bendalah tu ke.. tak sumbat telinga dgn ntah apa2 tu ke..

  4. papakeechee : kannnnn!!! snagat scary. ada yang sampai tahap can hear voices in their head. mintak simpang!

    ely : haaaa i know! nasib la anak kita comel kan..kurang depressed. wakakkakaka

    dr singa : tu lah. moral support from husband PALING PENTING kan! huhuhu

  5. me too, depressed jgk time pantang dulu. kira dah meroyan stage 1 rsnya. maybe sbb menahan sakit c-sect n berpantang sorang2 dgn jaga baby lagi. dah rasa lain mcm time tu tapi i berjaya cuba control emotion tu :(

  6. a-ah..hubs kena understand this..masa confinement manalah nak melaram dengan bau hamis susu basah kuyup kat baju, bau rempah, rambut ikat tinggi2..takleh nak pasang kipas laju, air-cond definitely no-no..

    tapi yang me perasan..orang sekarang tak kuat berpantang..belum cukup 44 hari dah merayau satu dunia, dah makan segala...hemmm..pantang cara Melayu tak di-support with scientific evidence jadi susah nak convince orang...

  7. ..uhuhu..even bulum jadi ibu lg [haiceh~..sabaq2,calon pun xda lagi~..ahahah], takut gak owh benda2 macam nie..

    ..buat takat nie, kucen kat umah je yang selalu meroyan lepas beranak..mulut berbuih2 lepas dok usung anak2 dia merata2 dalam umah..terus menghilang 2 hari, terpaksalah beli botol susu tuk susukan anak2 kucen yang bulum bukak mata tue..lepas 2 hari, pulanglah mak kucen tue..dah tiga kali beranak pun, macam nie lah habit dia...[erkk..ada kaitan ke dgn tajuk nie..eheheeh...]

  8. btul tu..time ni husband kena mainkan peranan penting tolong wife..i mase kat spital kerajaan sebab afif kena jaundice tu byk tgk mak2 yang menangis sorg2 time malam.sian tau.

  9. amin..... takut kan? emosi tak stabil... anak meragam... mmg agree dgn farah..

  10. sgt mengerikan...tu yg sedih sgt baca kat paper citer pasal wife yg dlm pantang kena belasah ngan hasbennya sedangkn cuma nak amik kereta kat tpt keje hasbennya... :(

  11. kena print jadi flyers, letak kat hospital2 bersalin ni, bagi kat husband2 sumer hihihi :D
    mmg boleh depressed, dgn sakitnya, baby asik nangis la, mcm2 la huhu. husbandnye support sgt penting.full stop.

  12. mel : i think a lot of women lalui benda sama ngn u. cuma cerita atau tak je. tak senang ajdi pompuan ni kan. huhu

    hanz : setuju! tapi for me memang pantang cara Melayu is the best. the old folks, they knew their stuff lah bab jaga diri nih.

    lunar : aik? cita kucing plak?! kucing tu meroyan gak la tuh. hahahaa

    farah : hahhh memang i pun depressed ada gak nangis kekadang. haaha. kesian i. hiks

    fizamior : sangat takut!

    sz mass : haaa kes apa lak tu? i tak baca lah

    pinkerton : good suggestion! hee



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