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Briyani Bombay

Last night, the big guy and I were talking about food in bed. It was basically about how sick we were of eating the same type of dishes every week. We're chicken people so when it comes to home-cooked meals, it's always chicken, chicken and chicken with us!

While discussing, we both got hungry and so I went to the kitchen to fry some Ayamas CHICKEN for supper.  It was almost 12 midnight ok! This is the reason why we get fatter everyday! Anyway. While in the kitchen, I rummaged through the groceries stock and found this :

It's rempah briyani given by my MIL long long time ago, and gonna be expired soon. So it gave me an idea on what to cook for dinner the next day. CHICKEN BRIYANI! Yerp, chicken again. But at least not our typical ayam masak merah-nasi lemak-nasi ayam kind of dish. I will definitely muntah hijau if I have to cook the same thing again in the near future.


Berbekalkan recipes from here which I altered according to the availability of ingredients, I made chicken briyani. Both rice and the dish. Of course I had to make do with the limited ingredients available in the fridge, as it was an impromptu decision. But it turned out so much better than the first time I made them during Ramadhan last year. I could almost fool myself that it was store-bought instead of home-cooked. Almost, but not quite. Hehe. But then again, upon request the big guy bought some dhal from mamak, so perhaps the meal tasted store bought because of the dhal! And here I am dreaming to open a  restaurant specializing in chicken briyani! Just because my briyani was edible. Haha!

Briyani with sayur buncis? Hantam sajalah!

The little guy loved it so much that he ate 3 plateful of rice throughout the day. His Barney plate, that is. Oh, can you see him parking himself strategically at the dining table? He's not aiming for the briyani though. It's the orange juice that he was eyeing.

Kesian! His mother had to tell him loudly "Amboi amboi! What did Abah said earlier? TAK BOLEH MINUM AIS!!! NO NO NO!", while  discreetly smuggling a bottle of the juice for him. Hihihi.  Please don't tell the big guy ok, uols!


  1. uwaaaa.... briyani u dah macam kat kedai dah ni siap dhal lagi... ayam merah lagi... fuh..!

  2. ..erm..macam simple n senang~..kena try nie~..asyek try kat kedai je~..nk rasa air tgn sendiri plak~..

  3. mcm senang jer..nak beli jgklah yg instant nie..ok lah kan utk makan sefamily..

  4. bila la i nak rajin buat briyani.
    asyik dok komplen ja briyani tu sedap, briyani tu hampeh...

  5. Nampak sangat sedap..

    Dah lama akak tak makan briyani ngan kacang buncis..sedapnye..terus laparrr...

  6. i never tried to cook nasi briyani..but dah penah try nasi bukhari..hehehe makan dgn kuzi kambeng..yummy !!!



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