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Where can you get a nice Thai cuisine in Penang?

Mengikut tips dari seorang blogger yang boleh tahan hebat di mata saya, jangan lah tiap-tiap hari kita menulis pasal benda yang sama. Nanti readers muntah hijau dok baca benda yang tuuu ja. Makanya hari ni saya nak menulis tentang benda yang hanya once in a blue moon saya tulis dalam blog ini.

Where to get a nice Thai cusine at a reasonable price in Penang?

Ok, just like in other states, there are gazillions of restaurants here offering Thai cuisines like tomyam and the likes. Similarly, not all of them are worth eating. I've ate at some restaurants where all I could say about the food is, ermmmm, well.... starvation is a much better prospect than stuffing yourself with those food.  

Luckily, Bangkok Tomyam, the place where we had our dinner last night, didn't fall into that category.

This restaurant is located at Jalan Mahkamah, the exact road where the Bayan Lepas night market is held on every Monday night. If you need a landmark yang lagi kebombom, it's located on the same road as Man Borong, the huge shop selling all sorts of stuffs including pashminas, blouses, begs, shoes and knick-knacks. Orang Bayan Lepas sure knows where Man Borong is located, right?

So let's see what we had at Bangkok Tomyam.

We were starving, but not so starving that we could eat a horse. So we ordered something moderate, enough for three. Perhaps Irfan got a hunch that we didn't order anything to his liking, except the Milo Ais, so he hatched a plan to embarass mak bapak dia. What he did was very unsangka-rable, that I felt like hiding myself behind the tiang after it was all done. 

Nak tau apa dia buat?

He stood up on the chair, turned around, saw the yummylicious chicken chop with chips on the table behind us and suddenly without any warning, pointed to the plate screaming "NAKKK TUUUU!!! NAKKK TUUUU!!!"
 Motip gambar? Not to show muka mak bulat, but to show the victim's family at the back!

Worse thing was, the sweet aunty eating the dish smiled at him and asked her daughter to pass a fries to the little "cute" boy, as they put it. Mak datuk, time ni I rasa nak masuk keta cabut balik. But since I couldn't drive, I had to wait at the table with a kelat smile for hubby to come to the rescue. I even thought of telling the nice lady, "Sumpah makcik, saya tak ajar anak saya buat macam tu" sambil piat telinga si kenit nih! Haha!

Anyway, since we were afraid he would ask for more from the aunt, we ordered a plate of fries for him. A plate like this cost a freaking RM5. Ok lah tu, complete with mayo and sauce, takkan nak juai lima kupang kot?!

And we had these.
Penangites would call this teh ais ceroi (cair). Next time, I better stick with the hot drinks, or the juice varieties. However, the boys did not have any complains with their nescafe tarik kurang manis + Milo O Ais.

 The kailan was fresh! And the ikan masin included was just the right portion, thus making it the most savored dish on our menu that night. Telur dadar was ok.
Ayam Masak Pedas was superb...
And Daging Merah was  marvelous!

For a total of RM29, I would say it's a meal worth eating. Taste wise = delicious. Portion = more than enough for two adults and one preschooler. I haven't eaten like this for a very long time. I felt so full that if any of you had tried to prick my tummy with a pin at the moment I was done eating, it would surely exploded like a giant hot air balloon. With yucky green slimes splattered all over your faces. Haha!

No more such dinner for at least a month from now, or else I would turn into humpty dumpty in no time at all!


  1. uishh kecur liur menengok hehe

  2. Bangkok(and Pak Husin) nie used to be my "dapor" hahaha,lunch situ,dinner situ.Their tomyam mmg superb and our other fav but not in the menu was nasi goreng kerabu,kena dgn sambal belacan mmg tak pandang kiri kanan hiks.Alamak terliur tgk your teh ais,ceroi pon ceroi la.

  3. yeap have to agree! Kalau nak Thai Ali would always suggest Bangkok but sometimes I would get confused with Bangkok lane and ask him back ... "Bangkok Lane got Tomyam meh!?!?!" .... huhuhu

    Eating out with ur tot will always be a big fat headache!!! tapi i suka la since i'm used to it =)


  4. wahhh.. i balik penang 2nd week of may, nak try cari la restoran nie.
    mmg nmpk sedap.

    tapi i kena ready nak cubit kalo tiba2 adam berdiri atas kerusi.kekeke

  5. farah : haaa lepas ni gi cari kat KL plak. hiks

    Ami : aha i love Pak Hussin's Tomyam too, but their service is too slow. Ramai sangat orang kot. So my hubby always refuse to go there. Haaa nasi goreng kerabu, i likeeee!!!

    kayla : tu lah tomyam tak masuk dalam menu plak. hahah. Oh btw I pernah makan their Siakap Tiga Rasa all on my own, balik rumah terus pengsan atas katil! hahaha

    papakeechee : there were times during eating out when all i wanted to is tapau the whole things back and head off home! but since u dah biasa eat out daily, i'm sure you know how to handle your little boy already. hehehe

    isabelle : hahhhh make sure you warning adam siap2, jgn mintak fries kat meja orang belakang hah! wakakakakakaka

  6. i gi penang nanti belanja i makan sini boleh? hehehe... i sentiasa in love dengan thai food, simply delicious kan.. tempting sungguh tengok daging masak pedas tu...

  7. BAngkok and pakhussin, prefer lagi pak hussin.. kwn2 sekerja kalau ada makan2 ..tempat 2 ni la yg jadi pilihan...

  8. hahahah irfan...kekekek kedebush kene mama haa...siann mama :D

    sedapnyer tgk daging merah len jek dr len....

  9. lady : no problemo babe! cakap ja bila u datang insyaAllah boleh bawak pegi. :-)

    dayah : a'ah pak hussein sedap gak tapi service slowww la. kalau hubby's colleague depa ajak pi Bangkok ja. hehe

    iefa : memang la dia saja nak penaya mak pak dia. tsk tsk tsk

  10. RM29 only? kalau kat sini, it would cost us at least S$30!

    I need more info on where to eat in Penang coz the last time I was there, it was eon years ago, itupun cuma stay kat Feringghi area je! So thot the next time we go, we should explore other areas in Penang too!

  11. hahahahahaaha.... lawak la irfan nih... pandai betul dia... erm...

  12. omg..i'm starving, please help me :)
    miss bandar perda, makan2 di juru auto city

    ~salam singgah



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