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Mission Impossible Continued

So the Mission Impossible : Misi Pencarian Jaket Rockstar continued last weekend.

As it was a long weekend last week, we planned to continue the mission on Friday, but as my family came over on Friday noon, we had little time to spend on searching for the jacket. Plus the fact that I was too lazy to go all the way to Gurney and that part of Penang to look for it, so we decided to just get him a sweater instead. So, here I am declaring that the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IS, after all, IMPOSSIBLE. Hehehe...

However, when the mission started, I've already had Plan B just in case we couldn't get such jacket within our allocated budget, which is good because it turned out that we couldn't. I wanted to get him this orange sweater we saw at Brands the other day, that's Plan B. I love them to bits! Hubby at first refused to buy them as he said orange will make Irfan hyper, but after looking at his wife's cekodok face, he gave in. And I knew he was glad he did, as later on he kept forcing the boy to put on the sweater and remarked  that the son look like one of the South Park character. Wicked!

Pic googled

Super model pose

Now whenever Irfan looks at his pics wearing the jacket, he would tell me "Mama, hansome kannnnnnnn?". Haha! My sister told me that my nephew was like that too so I guess it runs in the blood.

I've got a vain son, y'all!


  1. Kenny McCormick..
    Quotedd from WIKI!!

    Personality and traits
    While most child characters on the show are foul-mouthed, Kenny is often even more risqué with his dialogue.[28] Parker and Stone state that they depict Kenny and his friends in this manner in order to display how they claim young boys really talk when they are alone.[9][22] While sometimes cynical and profane, Parker still notes that there is an "underlying sweetness" aspect to the character

  2. siap buat mulut muncung tu..comelll...

  3. enceeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. cekodok face aa kak?hehehee...cekodok pisang sweet jugaaa :) ...mmg look encem boy la irfan w orange jacket...

  5. auntie kayla sukeeee... nakal boy mcm kenny!

  6. kweng3x.
    ke mana lagi tumpahnya kuah, kalo tak ke lantai (sebab gravity!)

  7. wah model of the year nie hahahahah

    so cute le ur dah beso jek lagaknya :D

  8. iye... encem sgt!!!!!!

  9. aaah la, mcm karakter south park tu hik3x

  10. mama cuba buat muka cekodok. haha cant imagine that!

  11. irfan..hang nak pi London kaa...hahaha..but really cute..oren ngat aihhh..

    Tapi kan irfan..takyah topi tuh pon takpa dah kot..rambut irfan dah lebat dah..mai sikit rambut tuh bagi Boboy bole..ehehehe..Geram kat irfan okeyh..!!hmmmmm

  12. elissmie : ;-)

    zonan : kenny roxxx!

    lady dyla : thanks aunty!

    ct_as : haaa tu yang mahal tu super model pose hahaha

    senioritasara : thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    mama sarah syimir : yesss cekodok pisang face hahaha

    k22 : aunty kayla, mama said aunty would surely like it. u and kenny used to be close buddy huh? hehehe

    isabelle : abeh la lepas ni penat mama dok mop lantai hahaha

  13. sisdee : a'ah sometimes i can't believe he's not even 2 yet, lagak macam budak besoooo

    fiza : thanks aunty! ;-)

    yatie : kannnnnn, comel tak? haha

    lea : muka cekodok is my trademark k. tak caya taknya my parents :-p

    ayu : comey macam mama kan :-p

    imma : kalau pi london sure pakai sweater lagi stylo tak main la beli kat outlet :-p Laa, kalau tak pakai hood tak stylo macam Kenny lah, apa la aunty imma ni tak roxx langsung tau hahahaha

  14. hehe, i thought of the same thing today when i saw the pics on ur FB. i remember being terkejut kingkong when i 1st watched south park, katun yg amat ganaz!

    p/s: congrats on ur 100+ followers!

  15. encem cam hero hindustan...

  16. anne : yesss sungguh ganazzzzzzzz hahaha

    mama miya : hero hindustan eh? nasib tak hero tamil hahaha

  17. hero tamil lani pun segak2 apa

  18. anon : haaaaaaaaaa i tak minat you! hahaha...the only 'hero tamil' yang i minat is my hubby! wakakkakaka

  19. haha sebijik maca katun tu!comel btul!



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