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Irfan's First Crush

Irfan is in love!

Well, at this age I would say it's more of a crush, but it's his first so of course I'm gonna make it a big deal about it!

Last night Aunty Kayla and Uncle Caoi came all the way from Melbourne Ipoh to see Irfan. Aunty Kayla remarked that she felt like meeting a celebrity as all these while she had only been seeing him in my blog. But believe it or not, Irfan was the one who acted like he was 'star struck'. Upon their arrival, he started to act like a baby, he couldn't uttered a word but could only point to stuff and made baby's sound while putting his fingers in his mouth. After a while, when we started our dinner, he just sat on the chair and stared - grinning from ear to ear - at Aunty Kayla. It was a hilarious sight for me, because, though he is a friendly toddler who would wave goodbye to strangers in the lift, but I've never seen him so in awe with anyone before. He was like "Aunty this and aunty that" all the time while they were at the house.

When they were about to go back, we asked him to salam aunty, and then he requested to KISS her. Abeh la Caoi, you better keep a watchful eye on your wife lest someone's going to kidnap her! Hahaha!

I forgot to snap piccas of him with aunty, but here he is wearing the Little Red Kangaroo tee Aunty got from Melbourne for him. The moment they stepped out of the house, he whined like a baby "Irfan pakai Kangaroo!!" like ten times before I agreed to put it on, and this is what he wore to bed last night. Tsk tsk tsk...

If that was not a crush, I don't know what it was! ;-)


  1. hihihi... cute jek.. kecik2 dh ade 1st crush!

  2. cecec..irfan dah pandai ngorat skrg erk? kui3x

  3. haha..klaka la irfan ni. Aunty Kayla ada kenyet mata kat Irfan ke? hehe... Abis la uncle Caoi..

  4. agagaga..irfan feeling2 manja ya ngan aunty kayla dia...

  5. fizamior : haha overrrr kan

    yatie : hahhh like father like son

    ely : hiks comel ka aunty

    kak ct : haaa aunty kayla adala hembus2 sikit tu kan hahaha

    mommy_ct : ahhh feeling abeshhh dia wakakkaka

  6. wow, siap request nak kiss tu. comelnya!

  7. hamboiii Irfan... kecik2 lg dh pandai yer ;-)

  8. wah, irfan...sudah pandai menggatal ngan antie keyla ek...hehehe

  9. wah..wah..wah..
    ini sudah jadi sinchan...

  10. cute la hero ni....ada aje dia..

    offtopic, wondering if kayla & caoi is still in Melb... i tgh mencari kawan2 kat sini..

  11. lol, i thought abt sinchann too when i read this! Kids his age ni mmg tahu menilai attractiveness, kan? Si Nunu ni pulak kan, pantang nampak abang2 hensem skit. Dia extra2 peramah pulak. Hehe, sometimes yg atuk2 pun dia tibai, LOL

  12. eis : special request ;-)

    liana : hihi kecik2 cili padi la aunty

    balkis : tu lah nasib aunty kayla takdak anak pompuan haha

    isabelle : hahaha...i hope dia tak jadi macam sin chan ya keh keh

    mama miya : yes they're still there. u can contact kayla at her blog

    anne : amboi nunu! atuk2 pun tibai wakakakka...tak kisah la atuk ka datuk kan nunu janji hensemmmm hiks

  13. oh wow, now aunty kayla really shy shy meow meow one ;) hihihi and it's true that i yg rasa mcm jumpa a real celeb! (he's a real boy!!) hehe cheeky la irfan. dpn aunty pandai cover tanak try on baju yee... tu la bai, syok sgt sembang n gelak aku pun lupa amik gambar. but sweet memories shall definitely remain ;) thanks for having us n aku sukeee fruit pudding tu!

    p/s: mama miya, i am the same kayla of walk walk melbourne. we should meet up nnt kami blk sana. wud love to get to know u too ;)

  14. thanx...tu la i really tot i did saw her dekat vic market sometime ago, but tak sempat kejar to tegur. never tot i can get the dots connected thru u. :D

    u know whats funny, i tak sedar yg i follow her other foodblog all this while. bila tgk her blog td br sedar yg walkwalkmelbourne tu dia punye. hahaha..

  15. k22 : haha aunty, shy shy plak. yaka suka ka my custard? heeeeeeeeeee aku ble buat bisnes ah camni kayla wakakakka. thanks for coming over :-)

    mama miya : haaaa dah make new fren through me, bangga nya i! haha



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