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Home Schooling Progress

Kids at this age really have the mind of a spongue, kan? They absorb things we teach them just like spongebob squarepants Irfan's yellow bath spongue absorbed his bubble bath.

MY HUSBAND had been teaching Irfan selawat atas nabi and he had been able to recite them for a while now. Why did I capitalize the word husband? Because he has been claiming that it was all due to his teaching, not me or anyone else! So since he craves for the acknowledgement so bad, I'm gonna give it ALL to him, and let everyone know how good a teacher he can be. Hahaha!

Anyway recently, we MY HUSBAND had been teaching him doa makan and just a couple of minutes ago, before Irfan had his bottle of milk, I requested that he recites the doa first. Guess what? He recited the whole length of the doa all by himself, without any help from me! But oh I did prompt him after each syllable..."lagi??"..."lagi?..

This is how he recited them : Awwah...umaa..bayik...lana...fima..rajaq...tana..wakina...aja...banar...

Oh yes, with the slang of pelat-ness and all, that can't be helped of course but he knows it by heart so Alhamdulillah! I'm sooo happy and that only boost up my spirit to teach him more doa. Or perhaps we should start with Aliff Baa Taa soon.

At least now I won't feel so pressured when people ask me when am I gonna send my son to school. For now, he can learn just as well, home-schooled!


  1. good boy :D

    insyaallah bole nanti ajar dia alif ba ta..

    sarah kalau i ajar alif ba ta...dia akan smbung jek .. tak pernah nak dgr i part selawat..doa makan doa tido mmg dia terror..lagi2 doa selepas ngaji kan...hahhahaha...sbb ada nyanyi2 kan..tu yg dia suke...

    yup kids semua dia ambil tak kira baik buruk..kita kena terangkan satu persatu yg mungkin buat kita kdg2 stress (i le tu :p)

  2. wow! i am seriously impressed!!! a future genius in the works i suppose ... ngeh ngeh ... alhamdulillah ... keep it up Aqil Irfan ... can pass your wisdom to ur gibberish cousin later ... ^_^

  3. wow!!! bravo!! clap2!!!
    terer la irfan nih... kagum aunty tau..

  4. waah bagusnye irfan dah leh baca doa makan!

  5. sisdee : haaa insyaAllah..tu lah. at this age i terang pun tak tahu la dia faham ka tak...tapi everytime nak explain something dia nganga tengok kita ngn mata tak berkelip. lepas tu buat jugak hahahahahaha

    papakeechee : gibberish talk arees very cute okeh...geram macam nak geget jari dia!

    fizamior : thanks aunty *shy shy cat*

    farah : alhamdulillah...tapi dia tak faham la kan apa yang dia baca tu haha

    ct_as: taklah terer...boleh laaaa..hiks

  6. cepat betul dia hafal ye. kuat ingatan irfan ni. good job!

  7. irfan so pandai one...
    re the doa mkn, i suppose, he's patient like his parents kot.
    kalo adam, dah lapar tu..terus xnak baca doa..adoiyaiii...ko ni mmg ikut perangai buruk mama la!

  8. budak umur mcm ni..jgnlah kita buat silap.. sumer dia akan ikut.. memory masih byk ruang lagi.. tu yg diorg sedut mcm vacum huhu

  9. yeah!! orfan pandai.. mmg budak2 cepat tangkap.. even kalau tak ikut masa tu .. tiba2 je tau time lain.. keep it up irfan!!!

  10. irfann...!! pandainyaa irfan...alhamdulillah...
    Rajin2 doa tau..pasni doa utk mama and papa pulak naa irfan..Ya Allah..sgt terharu Bai.. :-)



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