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Join The Drypers Contest and Win A Birthday Party for your Babies

Join the contest and win a birthday party for your baby! Irfan's birthday is around the corner, which means I won't be able to win the birthday party, as - if I'm not mistaken - you have to enter at least before the birthday month. Apsal la lambat sangat depa nak hantaq email nih!

Anyway, since I'm not eligible, I want to share this with all my blog readers and hope you could win a party for your babies. If you win, everything about your party will be taken care of - from invitation cards, decorations, foods, games and even goodie bags, so tunggu apa lagi! Join lah!

But if you don't win, fret not! You can always hire us at Twinky Winky Stars to do the invitation cards and party favours/goodie bags. Haha! Sempat gitu promote!

Good luck guys!


  1. tq for the info.
    nak check la...eligible tak to join.



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