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A Visit to THE Toy Museum Penang

I've been wanting to update about the visit to toy Museum for quite some time but every time I remembered it, I felt too lazy to write up a karangan for you all.

Thus, this entry will be filled with pictures and just a short summary of the trip ok. Over all, the visit was fun as the kids got pretty psyched looking at those toys. They enjoyed running through aisles of toys so much that we had to run after them to catch up.

The collection is pretty impressive as he got all these little and big toys from the ancient time! Siap simpan with the box lagi. My nephew is collecting the Spiderman figurines so my sister could recognized a few of those that are no longer been produced now.

However, the arrangement of toys, the atmosphere and ambiance was so not impressive. Toilet was yucky! Flooring and the shelves weren't done properly and dusty, I would say it's just melepaskan batuk di tangga. By charging RM10 per entry for adults and RM6 for kids, the owner could really make the place more presentable if he wants to. And perhaps he could add some spaces/rooms for kids to play all sorts of games and activities, like those toy places they have in the US and other countries. Anything to make that place more interesting and fill with activities.

So if you are thinking to visit this place, I would say it'll be worth it if you have toddlers and kids who love toys but for teens and adults who are not THAT interested in these figurines and such (like me!), you can forget it.

Irfan's fave

The hot babes

Haha! Hot sangat kan!

The Superheroes

Mr. Spiderman and his girlfriend haha

And the rest of them....Ah Irfan jangan cakap bohong k. Kalau tak idung panjang macam???

Irfan ikut ja whatever abang Ariez did, perhaps he thinks Abg Ariez sangat cool and macho minat Spiderman while he's still into Thomas, Barney and Mickey haha!

Oh my googly bear!

The cute monster

So what do you think? Is it as good as other toy museum that you guys have been to?


  1. i tak penah pegi mana2 toy museum lagi..
    tapi bagus jugak toy museum ni ye sbb boleh bawak masuk camera..

  2. Hey Interesting!!! My boy sure love this... Thanks for the info.. ^_^

  3. xpernah pegi lagilah mana2 toy museum..anak sy emtsi suka kan kalu takut dia xnak balik plak..kang nangis2 dia nak bwk balik toy2 tu..:)

  4. hmm mcm menarik gak ni..(irfan sampai bersila usha toys hehe)
    eh bai, i mcm plan nak gi penang nnt, might need your help on places to visit/ maple best nak makan hehe buleh ka? *wink*

  5. wah bestnya ada toys museum.. baru tau ni.. nanti kalo g penang nak singgah la...

  6. hmmm interesting... tak tau pulak ada toy museum..bolehlah layan anak2 msuk dlm

  7. lady : haha. i didn't see any sign kata takleh bawak masuk camera, so belasah ja! :-p

    cath j : yes, boys would love the museum.

    hanim : lepas keluar toy museum harus ke toys r us plak beli apa yang depa nak haha

    pinkerton : haa tu la siap bersila sambil buat muka pelik haha. o yes bole bole, insyaAllah will help whatever i can :-D

    ezan : a'ah kalau mai penang sila singgah ya. promote ni. hiks

    liana : yerp anak2 would love it.

  8. wah at last dah update psl toy museum ! Ya you are right abt the atmosphere tu kan..tho masa i pegi dulu tak buat ziarah ke toilet, so tak taula kan..and about the shelves too, they should improve..mcm dlm store pun yer jugak kan?

  9. Hmm..we have been there 2 years back..ok laa..Fadzil yang lebey..ima mcm irfan jgk laa..excited tenung mickey mouse jaa..hahahah..and now diwarisi oleh Boboy...he loves mickey mouse so much..hehehehee

  10. I'm an adult tapi still rasa nak jugak pergi!!! arghh...any anime characters inside there?

  11. i've been here masa mula2 bukak gile. berjam2 i duk dlm tu dgn my freind. rasa cam takmo kluar je hehe

  12. dulu lea takut tgk patung troll tu. hahaha.

  13. i dah pergi ngan CH. Memang best!!! lama gak kita orang dlm ni.. masa ni nak sgt tgk patung smurf tapi takde.. huhuhu.. nway, salam perkenalan :)

  14. best nyerr bai...kompem maisarah tknak kuar..kompem jerit2 nk smue toys tuh :D bahye2

  15. aplecrux : a'ah, shelf tu makes the place looks cheapskate skit kan haha

    imma : kalau minat figurines okie la visit this place

    cheryna : anime tak sure lah. coz i'm not a fan :-p

    yatie : wahhhh, kalau i was alone mesti 5 minit dah habis tour and nak keluar haha

    lea : me too!!!

    hider : haaaaa tu la smurf takdak. kalau ada smurf care bears seua tu syok skit hehe

    iefa : oh budak2 ni disogok ngn janji nak beli toys after that. so lepas habis tour, harus lah ke toys r us k. haha



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