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Please say THANK YOU!

We have been teaching Irfan to say 'thank you' whenever someone give him something or do something nice for him, but every time I tell him to say thank you I would get a 'welcome' reply instead.

Mama : Irfan, I'm giving you this bottle of milk ok, so what should you say to me?
Irfan : *blur face*
Mama : Sayyyyyyyy....thank you.
Irfan : Welcome.
Mama : No!No! Read my lips, THAAAAANK YEWWWW!
Irfan : *tilting his head to the side konon2 macam cute* Welcomeee!!!

Ok. I rest my case.


  1. hehehe good job irfan! bagi mama pening. LOL.
    don't worry kak. i'm sure he'll get it soon. hehe.

  2. hmmm...i told him to say welcome when people say thank you

  3. emm memang bagus teach anak kita dari awl kn?? sok dh besar ringan mulut nak say thanks

  4. hihihi..
    adam pun dulu xnak sebut thank u. skrg dah pandai dah...
    tapi tu pun kena kita yg mintak dia say thank u.

  5. hehehehe...the challenge is he will communicate in the correct way at the wrong time. kiutlah irfan, aunty sha suka!:)

  6. hehe comel. cabaran, cabaran.. :D

  7. hehehe... tergelak i baca... logically when ppl say tq we hv to reply by saying welcome kan.. bagus cos irfan practice a logical thinking hehe..
    but no worries, im sure he ll learn gradually...

  8. ahahhaha comel!!! bagus la dia tau jawab.. sami lgsg xmo sebut welcome hahahahah

  9. lea : yes, i should just repeat it another hundred times then i hope he'll catch up. hehe

    anon : eh tipu! tu saya jugak yang ajar! i thought him everything he knows, haha

    chugie : yerp jangan jadi cam his mother ebrat mulut nak cakap thank u esp to his dad hehe

    isabelle : slowly la kan, kena ajar dengan penuh kesabaran heeeee

    cheryna : irfan suka aunty sha jugak! bole? hiks

    eis : yes penuh cabaran hehe

    lady : a'ah logical thiking kan, alhamdulillah dia pakai brain. hehe

    ely : tapi sami sebut thank u tak? hehe

  10. haha... irfan lebih advance.. i forgot how i teach eesya to saya 'terima kasih'. tapi skrg mmg org bagi apa2 dia akan auto cakap 'macihhh' even kadang2 bende tu tak patut cakap terima kasih pun.. hehe.. contoh, i pass her sampah and ask her to throw in the dustbin, then dia akan cakap 'macihhhh'. hahaha...

  11. farah : hiks funny kan

    are-shie : wahhh...lawak la eesya! orang suh buang sampah pon kata macihhh...ekekekekke



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