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GSC Members Birthday Treat

Siapa tak suka benda free, angkat tangan!

Well, too bad for you then. As for me, I love anything that I can get by NOT having to fork out my husband's money to get it. So... the birthday treat from GSC is just like a dream come true to me, as I'd get to watch a movie at the GSC cinema with my googly bear for free! Yes, you heard me right the first time baby, for FREE!

I just need to print the coupon out from their website, fill in the blanks and present them to the counter together with my IC as a prove to get the free movie ticket.

Well, that's not only it. By joining the GSC's website membership, I too get to enjoy 10% discount on food and beverage in Glitters Café (GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama & GSC Gurney Plaza) and GSC Signature F&B outlets at any time, on every visits.

ADA LAGI! I also get to enjoy 15% discount on food and beverage off for my BIRTHDAY! So since my B-Day is around the corner, I will make sure I'd enjoy all these privileges I'm entitled to by signing up as their member.

Now, what movie shall I watch?


  1. huuuuuhh...that's nice. but our gsc here in seremban is not that good. especially with the indonesians all over the place.

  2. cheryna : alaaa that's a shame, kalau tak bole makan popcorn sedap time ur birthday :-D

  3. owh bestnya pi tgk movie boleh makan caramel popcorn.. thats the best part of going to the cinema..the popcorn!

  4. Bai...tiket 1 jaa kaa..if two the i would like to sign up too...hehehehee...tak beshh arr tgk movie sorg2.. :-P dah FREE kannn...

  5. huh every yr i got free tic nih tapi seriuos xtau psl discout on f&b cis

  6. lady : ahhhh i pon camtu gak. i heart their caramel popcorn! alamak kan dah terliur dah huhu

    imma : kalau b'day sorang satu la tiket kalau b'day dua orang dapat 2 tiket la :-p ... ala satu lagi tiket suruh la hubby beli, murah jaaa maaa. :-p

    ely : haha now that u know, harus gunakan :-)

  7. goosh U should have posted this two weeks ago............ My bday over ready *sob sob sob* It's okay.. make sure U grab it okay! hahaha

  8. alamak..lama da tak buka gsc..asek belek TGV..dekat sket..beshnyer dapat free gift, hmm..takpelah.
    nway..I've watch Jen's body..It's a.... ??? yeah..faham kan..
    maybe u shud watch 2012 instead..wah..pandai2 je cadang.



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