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Gambar pengantin cantik

We attended the Indian wedding reception last Saturday night. It was the reception of my hubby's colleague, thus I felt pretty awkward there. The main reason is because those colleagues attending were not my hubby's closest friends whom wives I can connect to. Secondly, I would've been more comfortable if I were to seat at the happening table instead of the table we were seated at.

But anyway, we got seated at the table with the boss, and then my hubby kept on escaping to the other table with Irfan, leaving me all alone staring either at the screen of my phone, or at the entrance just so I could avoid looking anybody in the eyes forced, awkward conversations about the weather. Hahaha! Gila loner kan.

To make matters worse, the bride and groom was stuck in the traffic jam thus were pretty late to arrive. But alhamdulillah everything ended well for us despite the awkwardness on my part, we still got to eat the delicious halal food and that's all that matters!

Oh, the theme color(s) was white/blue/silver, so I had to turned my wardrobe upside down to look for a blue outfit. Found a very old baju kurung that I seldom wore, so that's it! Off went the blue family to the pretty blue wedding.

Abah, baju biru Irfan dah ketat nampak perut, he deserves a new blue shirt!

Abah, tudung biru mama dah senget, I deserve a new blue tudung haha!

But sorry abah, you don't deserve a new baju biru because this one still ada bau kedai. :-p

I love the bridal outfits! The details on them were simply breathtaking.

Her make up was nice too, not overly done.

Hah?? Why suddenly ada Man United logo nih? Clearly they're die hard fan of MU.

More of the pics...

The bridal's piccas were cilok-ed from hubby's FB. Saya tidak mengambil banyak gambar kerana saya adalah berasa awkward. Haha!



  1. Awesome! The deco is simply superb and the newly weds looks so lovely too:) Wanna see more pics how ler? Can suggest ur hubby to add me on FB ah? hehehe

  2. kita punya wedding gak kan??..lawo...n tu la kan kalau dah minat..macam2 org akan buat..asalkan puas hati..

  3. hahaha i pon pelik apesal ade logo MU di situ? nampak sangat die fard fan ni!

  4. wahh abah irfan matching ngan groom la.. heheheh i've been at situation like yourss.. aduss masa tu rasanya tolong angkat lauk pun sanggup dari duduk atas kerusi tu

  5. mrs shiv : haha, it's not directly in his fb account lar, it's from another colleague. so must ask the colleague to add u haha

    there's not much pics but i'll try to cilok one or two more n add here k..

    azmiemas : haah, tu la i pon said the same thing to my husband. macam malay wedding receptions ja. and diorang very color coded unlike most indian ceremonies i tengok macam tak kisah kan campur2 color, even bride and groom pun sometimes pakai different color. but their color is simple sweet lah.

    farah : yezzir! memang die hard fan haha

  6. the bride are stunning!

    the groom macam hero filem hindustana la

    p/s::kat sg ara dah ada KFC la..hahah

  7. i totally udrstd the awkwardness.'s over anyway.

    tapi, kot ye pun diorg tu die hard fans, agak2 le.x pasal2 letak logo tu apakeheynye?
    tapi u perasan x bai...
    keta2 org kalo beria dgn logo MU tu biasanya keta indians. hehehe.

  8. wahh..pegi sedondon n ikut konsep majlis pengantin ekk.. very nice tau mama irfan..
    btw, i've never been to indian wedding but i can see diorg pn da ada bsanding cam malay ka..nice.. n the bride mmg cun!

  9. dilla : ha dah ada KFC tahu! seronok gila nak pi beli hot rod (hot apatah yang baru tu?) skarang jugak! haha

    isabelle : a'ah memang awkward bila tak kenal sangat kan. and then kena pulak duduk meja ngn big boss dia and the boss pun macam feeling uncomfortable and awkward too. so i guess it was an awkward table filled with awkward people haha

    majority mama : haha, bukan saja rajin2 nak pakai ikut theme la. kat invitation kad tu ada dress code ikut theme color. comel sungguh. haha

    yerp tapi diorang tak la bersanding renjis2, just duduk atas tu kejap tangkap gambar then potong kek and then makan kat meja beradap. macam wedding kita ja. :-)

  10. nampak sweet sangat pengantin ni...
    went to an indian wedding ceremony couples of week a go.. i notices they didnt put as much make up as ppl nowadays do kan?
    nampak more natural...
    credit to their make up artist...

  11. bestnye dpt attend wedding berbilang kaum. pengantin pula cantik mcm boliwud :)

  12. cantinya. mesti masa tu mama perasan kan, yang malaysia nieh dah buat malaysian wedding..semua dah hampir standardised tak kisah la kita melayu, cina or indian:)

    nice pix...beautiful couple. beautiful wedding:)

  13. yeaa...sgt sweet the bride and the groom..Bai..rasa meriah dak masa kat majlis tuu..hehehe..pernah jugak skali attend but aduss..tersgtlaa 'meriah' hahahaa tp Ima tetap mati kutu di situ..

    irfan sgt comel & sexy pakai kemeja biru tuu..dah mcm abah dia plak (pakai baju jaa mcm abah dia, part comel and sexy tuh deserve to irfan only)..kekekekeee...

  14. lady : yaaa...i particularly like the bride's makeup. sebab nampak natural tapi my hubby said makeup tebal lak. guys! what do they know, makeup i masa kahwin pun dia cakap tebal nak mamp*s padahal i rasa okie ja. haha

    eis :a'ah best gak dapat tengok culture bangsa lain kan. this reception plak guests berbilang kaum dari malays chinese indians, mat salleh, korens, u name it! haha

    amy : cantik kan, tapi takleh lawan hang la. hang kan miss vietnam wakakakka

    cheryna pires: a'ah dah hampir sama ja semuanya :-)

    imma : meriah tu dah biasa coz i'm used to ammak's weddings kan, lebih kurang ja la. but i think kalau wedding mamak macam lebih 'meriah' ja dari yang ni haha

    irfan memang comel, tengok la sapa mama dia :-p

  15. the couple tu, mcm pinang belah 2! bride gorjes giler & the decor looks very the stylish. i don't even want to guess what the bride agrees to so that they can put the MU logo there :D

    eh, you didn't get any new tunics ke for the wedding? i was hoping that you would tau...

  16. amboi...ckp aku miss vietnam ha.nnti hng :P

  17. hahah nice comment-Love it
    keep on posting
    by the way it was not a wedding pic , but it was OUR wedding dinner pic , wedding was in the morning at an indian temple.
    yeah died hard of MAN U Fan 4ever
    FRM:penganti baru!!cheers!!



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