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Dear Irfan,

When you've grown up and begin to understand things, I want you to read this and know how hard your parents tried to teach you to love the water. Oh yes! We did. We try so hard to create fun environment for your childhood experience, like all the parents out there do for their kids. Every once in a while, your daddy and I would bring you to the pool and tried out every methods we could think of to get you in the water, but we failed each time.

Irfan tak caya? Just look at these pics. Pictures don't tell lie, do they? I just hope you won't be growing up hating the pool and the sea, it'll be such a shame if you do as mama think water is one of the best form of entertainment for all kids.

So buckle up dear, throw your fear far far away and step into the water. When you're ready, I know you'll enjoy them as much as the other kids do.



  1. i kekecik dulu lebih kurang mcm ni, kalau my mom bawak ke pool, i duk di tetepi kolam jer.. kalau kene tolak/tarik ke tengah, i nangis mcm kene pukul... wakaka..
    tapi bila besar slowly ok..

  2. hehehe. adoii comelnya irfan ni. sampai camtu skali dia tanak masuk dlm air. i like the first pic! :)

  3. hahaah ... but he is really TALL la!!!
    maybe arees will make him go in .. arees tu tunggu nak terjun ja!!! mana nak tunggu MA dia ... kekeke ^_^

  4. really good entry.. teringat my late mother.. very hard women nak membesarkan kami. Irfan is a good boy mama, insyaallah..dia akan cepat belajar ye..

  5. gambar kedua tu comel hihi. takpe irfan, take your time :D

  6. i used to be scared of water too, but i didn't have any option when all my cousins jumped into it. maybe he needs friends to encourage him. of course, kids hate to lose:)

    the picture is nice! i wish i can have this kind of picture when i was small:)

  7. mama dh try tak rendam kan awek same2 irfan...hihihih nwey besar t dier suke laa...irfan comey giler gamba begayut tuh :D

  8. ya allah comelnye irfan hahahhaha. dia shower xmein air eh? i notice cemana sami suka air pon everytime nk main air kat poop or beach musti dia cam takut2 dulu. tapi kejap aje la.. semoga irfan suka air pasnih aminnn

  9. OMG!cutenye irfan!akak,simpan for his future gf tgk.hahaha..

  10. lady : oh irfan macam you masa you kecik eh, dah besar tak takut kan. Alhamdulillah. mintak2 dia jugak camtu huhu

    lea : ahhh abah dia insist i took that pic nak tunjuk betapa penakutnya anak dia tu sampai gayut2 camtu hoho

    papakeechee : haaa come to the house we bring them to the pool k ;-)

    chugie : yes every mother wants the best for their child kan walaupun terpaksa berpenat lelah. al-Fatihah to ur late mom :-)

    eis : thanks aunty :-)

    cheryna : haa ni kena tengok cousins reramai terjun tiruk baru dia nak follow ;-)

    iefa: alamak! yang tu tak try lagiiii laaaa! patut la dia tak mau kan. kak maisarah!!! meh sini cepat rendam sama ngn irfan hahaha

    ely : kalau air time shower and time mandi okie memang suka sangat. tapi kat pool ni lain sikit

    inche isteri : yerp. harus kena print gambar ni kan tunjuk kat gf nanti hahaha

  11. miya mandi dlm tub ok sangat2. pool ok, tp tgn tu kat leher mama all the time(tercekik mama ooi). shower & hujan tak ok (siap ketar2 cam org trauma). laut lg tak ok...siap melalak..

    apa2 la anak, janji tak takut mandi pagi sudah..



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