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Time for wedding bells again!

I have a wedding to attend this Saturday with dear hubby, and this wedding is quite different from all the weddings I've attended so far. Why?


Which brings me to the ultimate question, what shall I wear for an Indian wedding? Definitely not a sari, nope, that's not for me takut terlondeh! And not a punjaby suit as well for that matter, they simply don't complement my look the last time I tried them on. It will only succeed in making me look like I have a conflict in choosing my race during the ceremony, haha!

I'm thinking of getting something that can be worn even after the wedding. What about a fancy-schmancy beaded kurti? or whatcamacallit. You know the tunic-like Indian clothing to wear with pants, but I don't think we have the time to go scout around for it as the wedding will take place on this coming Saturday night!

Oh my! I heart this particular design and color. It's so yummy!Image googled (model pakai adalah cantik sebab kurus!)

Hahhhh! Tension! Pakai baju kurung saja lah, shall I?


  1. jgn lupa tempek gambar wedding....

  2. gambar baju yg u tempek tu tersangat cantik...
    uwaaa.... i likeeee....

    last 2 weeks i pegi indian wedding jugak...
    know what, i pakai baju kurung pahang wakaka...

  3. kena pakai punjabi suit, nnt nak bangra susah oo..hikhikhikk

  4. yaya : insyaAllah :-)

    lady : cantik kan, simple but nice. oh kalau camtu i pun nak pakai baju kurung ja la hehe

  5. mama miya : alamak kena bangra ka? hahaha

  6. Baju yg kat dlm 1st picture tu ok sangat kalau u pakai ke Indian Wedding tuh..coz nampak lebih sopan dan bergaya..

  7. yesss...klu figure lagi bess..

    Sabtu nih ada 2 wedding invitation..1 kat balik pulau satu SP..hohoo..xtau mana nak pi dulu..or pilih salah SP wajib as my very good friend masa sekolah dulu.. ;-)

  8. the brown tunic is so prettyyy..try sari lah,mesti sweet he..hehh..sebut indian wedding i terus rasa nak makan "banana leaf rice" hari..hmm sedapnya mango pickles..

  9. wah!!! cantik la!!! nanti one day we go shopping k!!! wuhooooooo!!! ^_^

  10. uisyy marvelous gile gmbr baju yang u tepek tu..cari lah..sempat lagi ni hehe

  11. i sgt suke the 2nd blouse tu sgt cantik..hehehehehe

    kalau nk lain sket pki le baju kurung sbb budaya kita kan..
    tp klu i le i pki baju yg u tepek tu tadi hahahahahah i suke!!!!
    (ko mmg over sisdee)

  12. i wore a baju kurung:)

    this is the posting about me and my indian friend during her wedding:

    I like my own picture even though the quality is a bit low. it looks one malaysia to me:)

  13. ye laa... i suka laa that brown tunic!! cantik!!

    pakai baju kurung mmg suit all occasion... can't go wrong ;-)

  14. baju kaler itam tu very nice la,merelip gitu.. ok what either if tak sempat.. bj kurung pn still ok.. soo universal..

  15. i suka punjabi suit! teringin nak pakai.

    cantikla baju yg no 2 tu..mane nak carik ek?



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