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Bukit Merah Laketown

Last Saturday, we had a family trip with the in-laws to Bukit Merah. At first I was kinda looking forward to it as I can't wait to see Irfan and his cousin Arees playing water together. Sadly, my BIL's family couldn't make it due to some complications, thus spoiling the mood for the trip. At least it did for me.

Irfan didn't enjoy it so much as he hated being in water. The only thing he did while we were there was crying and crying and crying. At one point when I brought him to the middle of the wading pool, he screamed so loud and climbed up my body to sit on my head, causing everyone to stare at us like we were trying to drown our own son. I think the only ones enjoying the trip were my hubby and his younger brother, as they were the one busy playing in the water! I felt ticklish looking at my hubby, he looked like a child being offered sweets, jumping up and down with excitement he did! Ni mesti kes kecik2 tak pernah pi theme park nih. Haha..

Whenever I put him in the water, he'd stay put at one place and refused to walk. He'd screamed until I pick him up, and even then he'd still cry until I myself get out from the water. Sigh, apa kena la budak ni, takkan aqua-phobia kot.

Can you see how childish this guy got bila jumpa air? Lagi over from his own son, how old are you again, dear?

The pregnant couple ;-) I think my BIL looks more pregnant than his wife, no? Haha..

The boys enjoying themselves.

But the boy in the green trunk did not. Huhu..

I guess he he felt safer on land, thus it made him happier.

It would have been a nice trip if my BIL's family tag along, with the cheeky Arees. I know Irfan would've had more fun if they did. So guys, next time if we have any trip make sure you guys come along okie. :-D

And the best part for me is that I got to add the collections on my fridge door! Yeay! Nanti kita pi jalan lagi okie hubby!


  1. ala sesekali hubby u nak gak kembali ke alam kanak2 ye dak? ngeeeee

  2. irfan takut air? oh my that's weird. i thot kids love water. mcm i masa kecik. hehe. but maybe he needs someone his age to show him how fun it is playing in the water.

    org2 dewasa yg main air tu mesti seronok. ahaha. cute family u have here.

  3. yatie : haa itulah, sekali sekala dan dua kali dua kala jugak. haha

    lea shmea : itulah, before he was 1 y.o he had fun being in the pool, but now tak pulak. i wonder why huhu

  4. i know dear, auntie hates clowns too.

  5. bestnyaaa.. agak2 zahraa kecik sgt tak utk dibawak berjemur kat bukit merah tu -hahahaha - mak dia plak risau lebih.. mcm best jee tgk irfan :D

  6. irfan tak biasa kot...
    my kids klu jumpa air .. i yg naik seriau..huhu..yg takut i ME le ibu dia hahahaha(bad xperience) :p

  7. takkan irfan's afraid of water? he's been to the swimming pool before kan? but then again, he might still be freaked out by the clown! hihi

    bapak2 ni, i tell u, nampak air jer terus lupa anak bini

  8. comeyy tgk ifan muka nangih camtu takut clown..mcm Boboy kat QBay that day..dia tkut mascot moo Walls ice cream..hahahhaa..

    Bai..censored photo..awat tarik sluaq dia mcm tuh..hahahhaaa..tarik mcm mana pon diua tetap nak main ayaq jugakk..!!

    hmm..cute family went for outing..bila laa nak merasa cuti2 mesia nih smla just like before we have a baby..tak sabaq tgu Boboy besaq and yes i believe will have it too..Bai lain kali jom buat outing sama2..ajak cheqyah skali :-P jenuh dia heret 4 skali..kekekee

  9. haaaa i pon suka fridge magnet!! byk dah sami buang2..

    hahaha sian irfan, if arees ade maybe dia sonok skit kot. dulu sami pon cmnih.. i thnk after 4th visit to the theme park n beaches baru la dia ok. skang kalu buleh dia nk makan pasir pantai tuh ahhahahahaha

    this 31st we all nk g penang. jom bwk irfan mandi pool ngan sami kat our hotel? nak?

  10. i guess he was hoping to see his cousin and beeee mami kot and was disappointed ... heehe ... =)

    dont worry ... next time we will meramai ramaikan majlis tak kisah wat "complications" that arises ... wokay!!! I shall not let my little nephew down again ... ^_^

  11. salam bai, wah! irfan dah besar la..lama tak tengok.Jom belek2 blog mama hafiy hehe

  12. Salam bai, lamanya tak tgk irfan,cari2 jumpa jumpa jgk kat sini. dah besar ek!mesti dah banyak cakap mcm hafiy maklum la sebaya ..hehe..kiss irfan for me eh!

  13. i thought the crocodile was for real! it's okay...i have a younger brother who hates monkeys! he cried everywhere my parents brought us- the zoo, bukit cahaya, any theme park with monkeys including genting! (there was a miniature of monkey if i'm not mistaken)

    we get to tease him now. he is 23:)

  14. mama miya : oh so aunty u totally understands me! finally ada orang understand ayyan ;-)

    zoora : boleh dah nak bawak tu, budak lagi kecik pun ada pegi tapi diorang takla jakun cam irfan kan hehe. but i put on sunscreen for him lah takut sunburn lak kan hehe

    sisdee : wahhh bagus la diorang suka air, tak jadi kambing haha

    anne : before this he enjoyed pool, tapi lately dia takut. i dunno why. oh yes the bapaks bapaks are such kiddies!

    imma : kalau heret 4 skali, kita tolong jaga sorang satu la kan hehe. coppp! nak jaga si kembar haha

    ely : ohhh gitu plak eh. kena bawak dia gi slalu la kan. btw y'all dok hotel mana nanti? better yet u guys come to my house, bole mandi kat baby pool. ada slide mesti sami suka ;-)

    papakeechee : yess dun ever let him down again, okeh! ;-)

    mama hafiy : hiiiii dear!!! how's hafiy! dah besar and hensem la anak teruna u, sama cam anak teruna i. haha..hafiy, aunty missed you!

    Cheryna pires : haha haaa good thing i write it here, nanti dia besar bole la ejek takut air kan haha



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