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The cosmetic wedding

Saturday night, we went to the wedding reception of one my many relatives. I'm related to the groom, but we're not close and I don't think I've ever talked to him personally, I think we're 2nd cousins kot, haha. The interesting part of the wedding is that the bride's mother is one the successful business woman in the beauty line, De' Wajah Cosmetics. So we got to meet a few business man/woman in person, tapi tengok dari jauh ja la and i can't be bothered hehe.

My uncle showed two thumbs up to my hubby, and he was gloating for hours saying it's because of his new goody-goody hairstyle. buwekk!

My cutie pie yang dah macam big boy! He looks too matured for his age kan?

With the cousins, all still single and available, can contact me for details y'all! haha

The pengantin, I don't have a clearer pics of them as I was too lazy to get up from my seat and take proper pics. Hehe

Recognize the lady in purple? She's the mother of the bride. Susah payah i took this pic kena zoom from far lagik. hehe

My auntie told Irfan to call her nani gorjes, Irfan was so in awe with her siap senyum2 kambing when she acah him haha

The veterans ;-)

Good night everyone! I'm off to the lala land..


  1. ahhhh...weddings are full with expression! i read this article in asian geographic about photography. a photographer admitted that the hardest task is to take a picture at a wedding~!

    * you've done a great job. i can sense the happiness:)

  2. sonok kan p kenduri reramai,dok merepek pun banyak la kan..
    gmbaq yg irfan dok kenyeh2 tu tak amik pun byak2,he's so cute!! tgk la anak menakan sapa..hehe!!

  3. dpt door gift apa? kalu dpt trial set de wajah pun ok..hik hik

  4. cute nya irfan,

    mm, x jelas lak wajah pengantin..hihi

  5. wah irfan keletihan layan tetamu ke?

  6. irfan nampak mcm shah rukh khan daaa dlm pics nih eheh

  7. cantiknya mama irfan :D

  8. hi drama mama, yes irfan looks like a big boy already but still adorable.I read about your previous entry on the mean MIL,teruk kan..some is really teruk,i got friend yang MIL dia really hates her for nothing just because the MIL so obsessed with her son,she carik pasal all the time until both divorced.So teruk..just pray and they should remember' what you give is what you gonna get back"

  9. now that the toddler is a big boy...very soon (perhaps) u r gonna start craving for that boing2 movement in ur tummy, like i do. hoho

  10. cheryna : yerp memang happy as we get to gather with the relatives whom we seldom meet

    intan : bestkannnn! nanti kalau ada wedding lagi kita pi sama2 naa...haaa yala anak menakan mintan pasai tu comei hahaha

    iswatie : haha door gift biasa2 ja muffin sabun wangi muruku coklat bla bla bla, side bride maybe la depa bagi trial set kot huhu tapi i tak pi la side depa

    ayu : a'ah, this pic i zoom from far so tak jelas, but the bride memang cantik!

    mama-miya : dia letih coz terperap duduk ja his parents tak bagi keizinan lari merata haha

    yatie : oh shah rukh khan ya, versi putih sikit kot haha

    amy : thanks! mak aku kata pakai makeup tebal seinchi, sangat fake huhu

    mamatiamia : big boy dah kan. oh ada yang untung dapat MIL baik dan ada yang dapat MIL yang perangai macam mak tiri cinderella. apa2 pon everyone mesti ada dugaan kan tak kisah dari segi apa betul tak?

    isabelle : haaaa! the craving has started! hahahaha

  11. bestnye pegi wedding reception.. comelnye..sure penat after pegi mkn nasik minyak. :D



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