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It really needs patience. To listen to the conversation repeatedly, and copy it down verbatim. Man! I seriously thought it would be a piece of cake. With a demanding toddler lagi. Any of you have any experience doing this?

*Pening lalat, I NEED CAFFEINE!


  1. hahaha irfan..ape awak dah buat kat mommy awak ni..sian die

  2. you buat transcribing job ke? part time? it shouldn't be that easy lah kot, depending on the conversation lah kan

  3. i know... i nak transcribe recorded comments lepas present pun mmg kena concentrate dengar, pause play pause play and scroll rewind. mujur dah zaman digital kan. kalau tak kena rewind kaset lagi la haru! unless ko mmg guna kaset??? btw, transcribe apa tu?

  4. farah : aunty, ayyan tak salah!! kata irfan sambil buat muka innocent

    anne : yerp hehe damn it's hard

    kayla : i'm trying nak buat part time work from home, baru trial ja ni. taktau la if i can manage

  5. better pakai headphone & do it while the kiddo is watching his fav show. kalau tak, no peace for u to concentrate.

  6. Oo.. baru nak tanye what you were talking about tp dah dpt jawapan

  7. we journalists have to live with transcribing all our lives...memang menyusahkan kena2 dapat interview Japanese ker or eastern european speakers...and one good news Yah, it never gets easier...hahahahah
    Now abg aa became a bit clever... hantaq qestions thru email and let them answer it in writing.... can you do that

  8. Oh my! I thot you might be able to give me some tips to make it easier, apparently not! haha..

    I'm doing a part-time transcribing works la abang A'a just for some pocket money. ;-)



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