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Shall we do this again?

The Spidey bank has been filled up. And so it was high time to get the Black Spiderman that the little guy had been yearning for quite some time.

Hence, last weekend while the little guy was left at his grandparent's home, the big guy and I went to get him the toy he wanted. We had it gift wrapped and all just so we could surprise him when it was least expected. I have to say, I'm seriously considering the thought of doing this on a monthly basis now, because the look on his face the moment he saw what was inside that package, was simply priceless!

But oh, after just a nano second scrutinizing his new toy, he flipped the box and saw something to his liking. His  momma's eyes then went all huge AGAIN with longing and he exclaimed "Mama, I WANT BIG BAD (INCREDIBLE) HULK!". Caiiiiittt! I guess this will just be a never ending story for us.

Oh well, now there's a concrete reason to go toy shopping again. You can't possibly have the heart to disappoint your ONE and ONLY son, can you big guy? Hehehehe!


  1. serious cute!!! boleh start collecting all the avengers superheroes la cam ni ... wachaaaaaaaa!!! ^_^

  2. spiderman ada kaler hitam?
    this the first time i knw its existance.

  3. mmg pon. hardly satisfied la anak2 zaman skrg.kita dulu dpt 1 toy, jaga sungguh2

  4. oh yes..hepi je tgk anak2 hepi kan sis..

  5. papakeechee : ha'ah i pun suka black spidey tu..cute! regardless that he's bad. haha!

    syida : ada! hehe

    isabelle : ya betul! anak2 laniiii kan. hehehe

    rasp : yerp, sangat happy! hehe



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