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Spidey Bank : Appreciate your toys!

I know that some kids are very good in taking care of their prized possessions, mainly their toys. Mine used to take good care of his. Played with them nicely. Put them back in the toy drawers after he played with them. But it's all history now. He's currently all out in destroying all them toys the minute we bought it.

The crossover Ironman we bought not even a week ago dah patah tangan. And now he's asking for the Black Spiderman crossovers pulak!


I've been thinking what best way to make him appreciate his toys better. After a couple of days, I finally managed to device a plan that I hope will work for us.

Yerp! I told him that from now on, in order for him to get the toys that he wants, he needs to fill his piggy bank, or in this case shall I say, his spidey bank; until he gets the amount needed to buy the toy he wants. Of course, the money comes from his parents and grandparents jugak. But at least I want him to go through the 'hardship' to get toys; where he'll need to collect money over time before he could actually BUY them.  Not simply just point at something and say "Abah, Mama, I want this" and get ithe things he wants that instant. With this, I just hope he would be more appreciative of his toys and other belongings later on. 

What about you mommies out there? How do you ensure your kids take good care of their toys?


  1. so far his ultraman clan belum ada yang jadi OKU.eventho dia tak simpan balik,tapi dia main elok2 je.

    alhamdulillah, selamat duit i.hihihi

  2. bagus idea u nie sis...
    i pun dah ajar Sapphire menabung...
    1st time dia menabung...
    habis duit2 w'ouls dlm wallet dia amik masuk tabung dia hehehehe...
    asal hilang w'ouls cari diam2 dlm tabung dia..
    pasti ada :D
    segi toys plak, syukur takat dia all being taken care with love :D

  3. kononnya ada gak buat mcm tu. tp smpi masa, x tgamak lak nak korek tabung adam.huhu. duit i gak terkorbaan

  4. tak pernah berjaya. sami bleh crushkan toys dia within 10mins lps beli. zzzzz.. everytime dia mintak i mmg ask for the money, then dia jwb 'takdek' patu 'kejap' terus dia g korek tabung dia huh.. tp xleh nk ckp la, kitorg mmg suka beli toys utk dia mmg padan la muka kitorg hahahhaha

  5. syida : hahhh irfan punya ultraman semua dah ko. nasiiiib otromen tu murah ja! hiks

    rasp : haha..irfan memang dah lama menabung. tapi sblm ni duit tabung dia masuk bank, which kinda upset him last time sbb dia ingat duit dia kasik kat uncle kat bank tu. haha! so ni first time ajar menabung untuk beli toys :-)

    isabelle : taktau la sampai hati ka tak nanti. hiks.

    ely : haaa budak ni pun sama la! bila mintak duit dia ambik tabung dia. macam la banyak sangat duit tabung tu. hahaha! i pun suka beli toys, kalau harap amin jgn mimpi lah. haha

  6. wahhh!!! good plan la ... hope it works! ... for arees the problem is he's so not interested in toys la .. he only plays them with Irfan when they meet ... at home he plays kejap and then he carik other things to destroy .... bila la nak hantar dia pi sekolah ???... kesian also ... i guess he wants to socialize now ...

  7. ada tu tak sampai 5 min dah patah riuk..hehehehe

  8. huhuhuhu..
    my ecah lak..mmg sayang kan barang dia..and she very lokek with others..
    but i agree with u..we have to teach our kids bila dia nak..dia pakai duit dia..and they will more appreciate it

  9. bagus idea ni dm..lepas ni anak2 taulah menghargai duit.yelah dr keciklah kita nk ajarkan...

  10. jangan paihni...jumpa orang mintak duit nak beli toys sudah....

  11. i ckp kat my dotter kalu nak toys, kene tunggu bufday jer...ekekekeke...



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