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Sel-sel otak berhubung

Last weekend while we were at my parent's house, the little guy was scribbling in his conteng book when suddenly he called out to me. "Mama, I write N. And I write W". The moment I saw what he attempted on that piece of paper, I was of course excited and told everyone what this little boy of mine just did. Although not in the same exact manner, but I think I practically implied to everyone that "Anak aku pandai, weehoooo!". Hahaha!

Well, you have to excuse me. I'm sure some of  your kids might have start writing alphabets even before they reached the preschooler's age, but I'm still in awe with this boy and I just gotta let him know how proud I am of his achievement! Especially when no one ever taught him to write them properly, and this development is totally, purely out of his own effort and observations! Kalau mak sendiri tak bangga, sapa lagi nak bangga ngan anak kan?!?!? Teheeee!

But putting all that aside, the best moment was when my brother saw what his nephew just did, and he remarked full-heartedly :

FUYOOOOOOOOO!!! SEL-SEL OTAK DIA BERHUBUNG LAH!!! Ala-ala iklan gitu. Ngiahahhahahahaha!


  1. ngeee.. berhudung gitu! mak-mak mmg sgt banga dgn pencapaian anak. anak I yg 3 thn tau ckp..mama adik b*rak 4 ketul..pun I vangga. sbb dia tau kira! hahahha...

  2. berhudung tu...ingatkan berhidung... kuikuikui
    so cute

  3. wahlau!!! memang telah berhubung ... bravo nephew ^_^

    arees baru nak start to scribble ... my son is so not a book work la ... too bad ikut mak dia ... hehehehe

  4. joy and isabelle: haha sorry typo!

    joy : hahaha cute cakap poop berapa ketul..ekekekke

    papakeechee : ur nephew ni pun, jangan kecik2 ja rajin sudah la kan. hiks

  5. aah la!
    sel otak dia berhubung!
    i ada train set yg exactly macam iklan tu.bila aqid siap cantum he will said,"sel otak berhubung".

  6. clap clap...
    tul tu sis...mak2 very proud bila anaknya dpt achieve sumthing regardless big or small kan..

  7. Agree, kids learn from their observation, sikit hari dia baca info astro kat mama dia..yes..tu la gangliosida tu makes diffrent...annmum hihi

  8. hahahaha!!! ayat macam iklan!

    bijak irfan! :)



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