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The OG Series : Kerja Gila (Continuation)

Ok you guys sure couldn't wait to hear Sudin's answer right? Has his mental illness finally been cured? Well, let's see :


This conversation happened between 2 doctors and 1 mentally-disturbed patient. It took place in Tg. Rambutan, but please excuse the loghat Penang ok. It just makes it all the more interesting. Hehe. Anyway, it goes something like this.
Doc 1 : Sudin (bukan nama sebenar) tu dah elok dah aku tengok. He's fit to be released out into the real world already.
Doc 2 : Tak aih. Aku yang dok jaga dia, aku tau la dia dok gila lagi. Hang tak percaya kalau jom kita buat test kat dia.
So they brought him into a dark room, just the three of them locked up in that room. When all was set, Doc 2 turned on the projector they had installed in that room. Immediately a beam of light shone through the projector from one end of the room, into the wall at the other end of the room.
Doc 2 : Sudin cuba hang panjat lampu tu sat.
Sudin : Ishhh takmau la doktor. Tu kerja gila tu, saya takmau buat!
Doc 1 : See, I told you he's all fine now. He's just as sane as you and me and the boy next door.
Doc 2 : Wait, before you jump into any conclusion, please ask him the reason why he refused to climb the ray of light.
Doc : Haa Sudin awat hang takmau panjat lampu tu?
Sudin :  Satgi saya panjat halfway doc padam lampu, abeh la saya jatuh!  Takmau ahh, keja gila tu!

Hahahahaha! Lani siapa yang gila??! :-p


  1. hahahaha memang giler le jawapan dia tu :D

  2. lol. i officially label this lawak lawak orang utagha okay! coz my dad told us this lawak also before, n tak pernah fail to make us laugh each time we hear it. by the way, have u heard this one: about orang gila baru keluar hospital mental. tapi masih tak betul sangat la coz still pakai mcm orang gila (plate number gantung kat leher and lencana bukan main banyak kat baju). then masa jalan2 kat bandar, dia ckp la kat orang lain, "hangpa gila, aku tak gila". then org reply, "awat pulak, hang la gila." pastu dia kata apa tau: "aku ada surat kata aku dah tak gila. hangpa ada????" hahaha



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