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Kais Pagi Makan Pagi

I've been trying to upload my blogs with more quality posts nowadays, but I seriously have no time nor the energy to write quality post. That's because I've been overwhelmed with works. House works and some online jobs I took for extra income. Yerp, I need the extra income badly now since the birthdays of the two most precious guys in my life will be coming soon! Takkan nak paww duit the big guy for his own birthday present plak kan! Hahaha!

On a different note, this is what I had for brunch today, pretending that it was ramen instead of plain ol'Maggi. I think I've had too much Korean movies that all I could ever think of eating nowadays is ramen pleaseeeeeeeee!!!


  1. ini lauk kitorang kalo bajet ketat di hj bulan haha!


  2. ini kena tukar tajuk.."kais pagi makan meggi"

  3. KC : haha! time study dulu camtu lah.

    tapi now kitorang kalau bajet ketat menu adalah nasi goreng. maggi ni kira luxury (extra) sebab makan untuk supper for big guy. untuk i brunch..kalau malas masak awal2. hehe..

    tapi kalau tetiba my big guy rajin nak buat maggi goreng..then dinner maggi pun tak kisah. sodapp! :-)

  4. walaupun hanya maggi..tapi tatap membuatku terliur

  5. abaaaiii! hehe rindu pulak. ouh, i just came back from a road trip and mmg seriously rasa nak makan magg.. eh i mean, "ramen" jugak ni!



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