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Benci benci benci!

This whole week, I'm all hang up over the new Korean drama, which DVDs I've gotten my hands on over the weekend.Though I wasn't in the mood for anything else, but remembering the promise made for a girl night out with my BFF, maka saya tatapppp lah bersemangat getting ready to go out with her last night. The big guy was bothering me with countless of warnings to stick to my curfew at 11pm , I guess he's just worried that some handsome rock star would woo his wife away. Ok, too much Korean dramas already. Haha!  The little guy on the other hand,  was sticking to me like a glue all the time because he didn't want to let me go.  "Mama jangan pi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!" became a mantra that he chanted for hours last night.. Son, your momma needed a break from her SAHM duty for a couple of hours, ok! 

Anyway, amidst all the chaos, I still managed to doll up for a fun night out with my BFF! BUT!

After I was all set to go, suddenly a text came in. My friend couldn't make it because she couldn't get anyone to babysit her 2 sons. Bummer! I got stood up uols!!!!

Semangat mekap segala ok!
But the worst part of all was not about being all dolled up and had nowhere to go. But it was GETTING LAUGHED AT BY THE BIG GUY! He was just too thrilled that I didn't get to go and kept on making fun of me at every possible opportunity.

Now I really am gonna go sulk in the corner uols! Benciiiiii!


  1. rezeki to jumpa ur friend ye..takpe takpe..jgn sedih next time ada lagi

  2. i like the way u wrap ur tudung! bak kata mat jan, "chontekkkk sengeettttt!!!" how did u wrap it? buat step by step tutorial :D

  3. and love the colour combo pink, green and a bit of grey! i piece shawl or 2 pieces there?

  4. wah sure frust gile..klu me pun hehehhe..but i love the way ur shawls..alamak buat le tutorial huhuhu

  5. lip : hehe tak sedih, frust saja. hiks

    kayla : 1 piece tapi ada 3 color combo. and i wore it with pink inner from najjah

    mama miya : why didn't i think of that!!!! tsk tsk tsk

    eti : kannn! thanks dear

    sisdee : erkkk tutorial eh. nanti la kalau rajin. hiks

  6. ok la tu...amin saja melawak la tu



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