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That was how adamant he was!

I still remember how choosy I was as a kid. Whenever we went shopping, I was always dissatisfied with whatever my parents chose for me and wanted to make my own choices instead.

I thought the little guy was different.

That's because I used to have a jolly good time shopping with him. No matter what I got for him, he always agreed full-heartedly with my choices. In fact, he was forever in awe with things we bought and kept on thanking us profusely even if we only bought him keropok lekor kat pasar malam  But  much to my dismay, the fun shopping moment has just ended!

We went present hunting for my nephew yesterday. Most of the time when we go present hunting, I made it a point to take the cheapest toys I could find for the little guy just to keep his hands off the present. He really had no problem with whatever I chose last time. But yesterday, when I showed him a tiny Spiderman figurine on a motorbike, he hold it hesitantly, and I could see that something was playing on his mind. He then avoided my eyes, put it down and said "Sat Irfan tengok toys lain dulu ok". I was like whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!  Wait a minute, don't tell me this guy has decided to start picking up his own toys?!? I knew he had his eyes on something else, but since when had he the guts to disagree with THE MADAM??? This couldn't be!

So in my attempt to lure him to agree with my choices, I started showing him other Spidey figurines that I thought might catch his attention. Spidey slinging his web, Spidey doing all sorts of stunts, this uber cool Black Spiderman that could transform and as final attempt, I even shoved the crossovers Venom under his nose. To my annoyance, he declined them all and stuck by his decision to get this one!

Oh oh little guy! Your momma is sooo going to sulk you know. From now on, if you feel the urge to get more toys, you just go korek your piggy bank and go shopping alone, ok!


  1. alllaaaaa arees tgk nanti mesti dia dok jeles ... until today he has been asking me for ironman ... and until today i tak beli beli lagi ... hehehhe ... think we shall avoid toy sections for now... ^_^

  2. i bernaseb baik ade mmber tokey pasar malam. dia jual toys, so every wed and fri if i ade masa i ikut dia g beli stock. time tu mmg i main tunjuk aje sbb dia bleh beli even only one. terjerit2 la kitorg balik umah sbb sonok beli toys murah kahkahkahkahkah

  3. lately i dah tak bawa aqid pi kedai.kalau terpaksa nak pegi pun,i pegi time dia tido.just to avoid buying him toys.
    ultraman clan yg kat umah tu dah banyak sangat!

  4. hahaaha..dah start dah...
    i smpi cepat2 belok arah lain kalo nmpk bhgn toys.
    tp kalo dpt pojaan hati dia tu, dia punya behave laaaa...xdak tandingan

  5. hahahaha..dia dah semakin besar..:)
    dulu2 pun with my lil dotter i buat cenggitu tp now now i used another " ala..ibu xde duit la..blum gaji lg okey..kite beli yg ibu pilih dulu okey..?" hahahhahahah...

  6. huhuhuhu..
    kita pun...
    dah tahu tpt tuh penuh ngan toys..terus divert perjalanan..

    if not..mau my ecah amik toys yang harganya more than rm100

  7. papakeechee : nanti they can exchange lah between spidey and ironman :-D

    ely : bestnyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! klu dapat toys murah memang nak borong la kan! haha

    syida : irfan jarang beli toys. so once in a while dapat dia naik minyak lah! hiks aqid kasik patah kaki ultraman cepat nanti mama beli baru! hhaha

    isabelle : ha'ah budak ni pun camtu la. bila dapat yang dia nak..terus behave. kalau tak punya la buat perangai! tsk tsk

    working mom : haaa gotta start reasoning with my little guy jugak. thanks for the tips! :-)

    maria : haha...kalau sekali sekala takpalah kan. kalau sentiasa memang kopak!



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