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Fake eyelashes, I want!

I've been wanting to try putting on fake lashes for a long, long time but the big guy disapproved. I sulked and I threw tantrum but to no avail. I demanded to know why. He said just because he doesn't like it. Period.

But now I know the true reason why he's so against it.

He must've read this page from this cynical book my BFF gave me as a confinement gift!

Geez! I should really go and hide that book now!


  1. go hide it. NOW!

    but make sure the big guy doesn't have a photocopy of it. heheh

  2. hahahaa..yela kot tu die baca.

    i pon teringin nak tak pandai.

  3. hahaha tarantula, tak tahan betul. i teringin jugak nak try fake eyelashes ni eheii...

  4. hik hik..hillarious.. tapi RCW tu mmg mengancam tang bulu mata la, so apa lagi..sekali sekala melaram ^_^

  5. Ok.. I read THIS entry AFTER the latest one on candle light dinner.. so now I know I'm the culprit lahhhh ye =p

  6. i love fake lashes so much, to hide the kepamness of mine.
    mrhubby pun dah faham. kdg2 dia tlg pasangkan.hehe



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