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A romantic evening

Yesterday evening, there was a wedding ceremony being set up at the community hall opposite our unit. The live band played romantic ballads tune, and that really got me into a romantic mood. I was thinking to have a romantic candlelight dinner at the balcony with the big guy.

But then, it was just pure bad luck that I had to read this page before setting up the place for dinner, so terus cancel candlelight dinner!!!

With a romantic candlelight dinner out of the way, I still found a way to enjoy the music and the romantic ambient that came with it. Best of all, it was WITH THE LITTLE GUY. The child of my sweetheart. Hehe.

So we had tea at the balcony instead, while feeling-feeling listening to ballads songs by the pool side. Well, we could see the pool from the place we were seated, so considered by the pool side lah kan. Some more, there was a live band pulak tu, dapat lah feeling-feeling kat resort gitu! Haha!

Macam pose gambar kahwin I saja!
The little guy memang layan blues habis wa cakap lu. He too had so much fun posing for the camera. His pose-of-the-day yesterday was to look up into the faraway sky and then he made me take his pics many-many times. After each snaps, he demanded to look at the pics and giggled gedik-gedik style. Hahaha. Over tau budak sorang nih!


  1. Why do I hv a bad feeling yg I'm the punca of the page for Candle light Dinners kat atas tu?

  2. masya'allah cutenye ur lil guy ni...i tergelak-gelak baca page tu pasal candlelight dinner tu ...hahahah

  3. pandai betul pose, tapi part sibuk nak check muka dia kat kamera tu..mesti dia bljr drp sapa2. ehem

  4. wah syoknya makan2 roti bakar tepi pool :)so romantic :)

  5. oowwwhhh!! this is nicer than a candle light dinner anytime ... and I have to agree with the book la ... I HAVE TO SEE WHAT I EAT!!! hehehhe

  6. ayu : YOU ARE!!!! :-p

    cikayu : haha kan. sangat cynical tau writer tu hehee

    isabelle : belajaq pada aunty belle la tu. wakakkaka

    elissmie : very! hehe

    papakeechee : arghhhhhhhhhh! ur sooo not romantic! dun say that in front of amin ok, nanti all hopes of a candlelight dinner would be banished. :-p hahaha!

  7. Wahh...layan ayaq kopi petang2..bessnyaaaa...
    But irfan ngan ayaq sejuk jaa..isk isk isk...mama hang nii tak aci kan...

    BTW..mak tok join skali kaa..tu spek tertinggai tuu.hikhikss..



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