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And So Here I Am, A Year Older!

It was my birthday last Saturday.

A week before my birthday, I wasn't feeling so happy because the big guy seemed to totally ignore the fact that my birthday was coming. He still remembered my promise NOT to ask for any present this time around as I already got mine wayyyyyyyyy earlier than November. So he made it clear  that I should NOT expect any present from him this time.  Though I was about to turn 30, I was still like a kid getting hooked up over rainbow-colored lollipops when it comes to birthday presents from the big guy. So agak kiciwa di situ!

Then as Friday came, the drama started.

The big guy sent me and the little guy to my parents' house as he KONONNYA had to attend office dinner. Siap pesan don't call him many, many times like I normally did as he would be busy mingling and stuff. Kalau hangpa, rasa nak merajuk takkkk? But since I'm one cool wifey, redha sajaaa!

But having been trained to think the way Sherlock Holmes does, I already suspected that the big guy; and my brothers and mom were having a conspiracy to do a surprise for me. It's just the little-little thing they said and the way they acted that had me convinced that something good and fun was about to come my way! So I  confidently told my cousin that I was gonna be surprised with something good that night! Hehehehe...confident saja kan!

At around 11++ pm, one of my brother went out and everyone else acted like nothing happened. Then the clock struck midnight. My mum who was sitting there did not bother to wish me, as if she has forgotten that it was my birthday. Good acting seriously! Then at 12:01 am I received a text from the big guy wishing me birthday, and just a moment after that he walked in through the door with a stone face. Like nothing special's going to happen.

But of course the Sherlock Holmes in me could see how hard he was trying not to smile and I could also see the silhouette of my brother outside lighting up the candles. I seriously had a tough time trying to hide my grin because I didn't want them to know that I knew! Hahaha!

A minute after, everyone were already gathering at the hall, while the big guy went outside konon-konon to take his towel. I was already on a standby mode to snap pictures once he walks in through that door again. My mind is definitely wayyyyyyyy more manipulative than theirs, ok! Hahaha!

And after just a second, my suspicion came true! The big guy, followed by my brother walked in through the door with candle-lighted cake, my most fave one at that! And they all sang happy birthday while the little guy terkebil-kebil trying to understand what was the ruckus all about. Hahaha!

Oooops, silap timing snapped, dia belum masuk
And yeah, here comes the clown singing me a birthday song!
Budak yang suka perasan everyone's birthday is his birthday. Haha!
So, it turned out to be a memorable 30th birthday after all.  A dinner sponsored by my parents and  a movie date with the big guy later that night just completed the picture-perfect celebration for me.
Thanks a bunch to my googly for never  failing to keep the surprises coming  in each years of our marriage. And also my family for making my entree into the 3 series club, a good one. Oh, and thanks to  Papakeechee for the special birthday makeup done for my date that night. Growing old ain't that bad after all when you get to spend it with people who matters the most. Kan?

Oh btw, since I kind of screwed up their surprise plan, my brothers suggested to dear hubby that next year they should act like there'll be a surprise coming, but do exactly nothing when my day comes. Hahaha! Wicked!!!


  1. Bestnye:) cuma not so surprise sebab dah bole expect the surprise. Anyway, it's the thought that counts. Anyway, happy belated 30 th birthday. May Allah bless you and your family. May you live hapily ever after.

  2. HAPPY 3 series BIRTHDAY Bai!!
    mmuahhh, muahhh!!!!
    (sedapnya b cke uuu)

  3. happy 30th birthday to drama mama...

  4. happy belated birthdayyy... moga panjang umur murah rezeki dan kebahagiaan berkekalan.. :)

  5. happy birthday! u will soon discover that 30's is waaaaaayyyyyyyy better than 20's, trust me sis ;)

  6. hey you... welcome to the 30's too... have d happiest one! - mariam

  7. hepi bday darling. mine is on Sunday, and sadly nothing happens on my birthday jeles of u, ur hubby suka buat surprise for you. i'm going to send my hubby to your hubby okeh, make sure ur hubby teach my hubby how to do surprise on her wifey's birthday hehehe

  8. Sweet!!!! Happy(1000x) Birthday DM!! May Allah bless u and ur fmly. =)

  9. wahaha.. sebijik mcm i. wpun rasa kuciwa, tetap mengharap ada surprise. lps tu bengang sendiri sebab rasa surprise x menjadi. hahaha

    happy belated bday, though.
    many happy returns.

    mana gmbr bday makeup, babe?

  10. happy birthday again!!! ... cheesecake memang sedap macam "ice cream" ... ngah ngah ngah ... glad u liked the make up yang tak berapa nak nampak tu ... next time i'll make u look like a perempuan garang kay =P

  11. happy belated bufday to you !!!!!!!!!

  12. hepy belated birthday dm...boleh plak dm agak yer ada suprise...he he he

  13. awww hope its not too late for me to wish u happy birthday!!! may u be blessed with wonderful things in the future :)

  14. happy birthday bai!! hehe seronoknye dapat suprise party camni.

  15. awww bless!!! what an AWESOME family you have :D :D :D and yes, it's quite funny actually when you're already in on the surprise but you kinda still see everyone struggling to keep the act up! :D HAPPY BELATED 30TH! you know what they say, life begins at thirty!

  16. happy belated birthday!!

    r u sure ur 30? i tot all of us hot momma are 18+ aje. :P

  17. Waaa...sangat best...perfectly THE BEST..!! i like..very DRAMAtic tapi incik Hubby ku tak realistic really in doing takpa laa..

    Ayway..HAPPY BELATED BORTHDAY Bai...Sorry terlambat wishes as dah 2 weeks tak blogging.apatah lagi nak blogwalk.. :-( busy ngan hari2 sendiri dan ni barui balik bercuti smlm..huhu..mabuk gelombang laut pon lom hilang..

    Selamat menjengah ke alam 30an..semoga hidup bertambah ceria dan bahagia ke akhirnya..Aminnnn... (ni bukan seru nama the big guy tuh ok... :-P) hihihiii



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