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My drama : near-death experience.

I'm a drama queen.

That explains why a day after I turned 30, I thought I was going to die.

You see. Lately, I've been having trouble breathing when I sleep in air-conditioned room. I would wake up in the morning with my nose blocked and my mouth wide open. My mouth would be all dry and lips parched, because I had to breathe through my mouth throughout the night. 

To make matters worse, at my parents' place, the air-cond are usually turned on 24-7 during weekends. That's because si kecik ni suka complain panasssssss even when I'm shivering to the bone! And of course, the damp weather nowadays just contribute to make the blockage worse.

On Sunday, as we were on the way to fetch big guy's friends from my parent's place, I started to have blocked nose again. But this time it was just so bad because no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away.  Both nostrils felt like they were shut so tight, as if someone's holding them close together. I tried to rub Tiger Balm on my nose but it didn't help at all. Even sneezing didn't help in opening up the space for me to breathe. I had to breathe through my mouth for the whole 15 minutes. After that, I started to feel suffocated already and before I even realized it, panic set in. Attacking me like nobody's business!

My chest constricted. Amidst countless of chokes, I managed to tell the big guy to head off to the first clinic he could see because I was being deprived of oxygen! I seriously thought I was going to die at that time. I guess I must've looked like heck because the big guy swerved the car to the right and left  ala Tokyo Drift and kept telling me to hang in there! Hahaha! It sounds funny now but when it was happening, I was just so terrified that I would suddenly just stop breathing. Heck, that would be a terrible terrible way to 'go', with the little guy sleeping so soundly in my lap pulak tu!

After a couple of minutes which felt like a couple of hours, I managed to calm down. And the blocked nose started to opened up a little bit so I could take deeper breath and think. Since we couldn't find any open clinic nearby, we just proceeded to fetch the big guy's and on the way back, headed off to the nearest pharmacy we could find.

I then told the pharmacists that I was having a horrible blocked nose and needed an instant relief so she suggested this. Alhamdulillah, after a few squeeze right into my nostrils, the tightness went away.

So from now on, we are just gonna have to cut down on the usage of air-conditioned. Sila jangan terlalu manja ok budak kecik. Your momma's health is wayyyy more important than you having to be in cool temperatures at all times, kan?

And thank you big guy for the 'Tokyo drift' driving experience. Now I know how much you love me. :-) 


  1. mcm tu la mak mak. anak punya pasai, terketaq2 kita nyorok dlm selimut.

    woh... tokyo drift? apakah itu?

  2. i pun tak bole tido in air cond room.i had troubles when i hv to go for outstation pastu kena tido kat fat wasnt thick enuf untuk dijadikan penebat haba.

  3. ohh..suspens nye. take care dear

  4. ala kesian nya dia.....i pun sama la ngan u..mmg xtahan sejuk ! cepat jer hidung tersumbat...

  5. yatie : indeed it was!

    isabelle : lah. :-p

    syida : for me, eventho my fat is suffiecient untuk penebat haba, still tak boleh too much air-cond. :-)

    ayu : too :-p

    joy : thanks joy :-)

  6. kitaorg anak beranak nak jer aircond 24-7...but watie pun gun athat nasal spray...recommend by doctor waktu warded hr tuh sice i always faced blocked nose

  7. i ada sinus kalu dah flu siang malam tak berhenti the next day mesti hidung tersumbat-memang guna nasal spray gak i have it handy



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