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Today we went for the little guy's checkup at govern*ent clinic.Once there, the nurses asked me if I wanted to do pap smear and before I could even think of ONE lame excuse to reject their 'sweet' offer, they shoved the form into my hands. Wow! Suddenly they are all so very efficient and speedy today!

And while one of them was filling up the form, I heard some pieces of their conversation "Ala, hang letak ja la tarikh pi 1 December" and "Dah cukup tujuh dah" or something to that effect. I had my suspicion then. But it wasn't as clear to me as when the nurse who did the pap smear asked me if there isn't anybody else like my MAK OR NENEK who wants to do pap smear too! All of a sudden, they're extremely concern about my family and friends. Clearly, since it's nearing year end, everyone wants to fill in their quota. Nak perabih budget that's for sure!

The moment I told him, the big guy said no wonder his friend's wife was requested to do pap smear too today when they went for their son's checkup. And then he jokingly said that I should have told the 'concern' nurse "Suh nenek hang dulu, lepas tu nenek aku!". Muahahaha!


  1. suka-suki je nak cukupkan kuota...
    kalo i x preggy, harus i pun kena suruh.hehe

  2. diorg baru lepas kena brainwash kot
    takpun sebab speculum and pap smear kit dah nak expired.. hehe

  3. kejarrrr SKT or KPI la tu ye...hihihi



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