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Jalan-jalan menghabiskan amo!

Before my sister and family went back to KL, she passed some money for us to bring the little guy 'jalan-jalan'. And so, big momma thought there'll be none other 'jalan-jalan' more enjoyable for the little guy than jalan-jalan to Toys R Us, isn't it?!? And so that's where the jalan-jalan money was spent, on his first ever "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spidey Toy"!

If it was up to me, the toy helmet it would be. But because the little guy couldn't keep his mouth shut from chanting the magical word "Spiderman", the big guy was adamant to get him spidey toy jugakkk! I have to say it was our best purchase ever. The look on his father's face when we got him the Spiderman Battle Truck was simply priceless! 

Have a fun-filled Spidey day peepes!


  1. auuww..bertuah dier..rezeki raya...

  2. lepas ni penuhlah menan spiderman dia..he he he

  3. ely : tu lah...sat nak masuk kotak. haha

    cru314ngel : alhamdulillah..rezeki :-D

    hanim : haaa abeh la penuh umah!



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