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Face mask idaman kalbu

We went for Little Spidey expedition earlier this evening at Toys R' Us, but out of the blue, the big momma got hooked up on this Optimus Prime helmet! I've seen it earlier in one of the blogs and it was supposedly expensive, and found only abroad. So can you imagine how psyched I was when I found it here in Penang for 1/4 of the supposedly price. Oh I want it sooo badly!! Too bad the little guy was afraid of it, he wouldn't even let it be placed around his head at all! When the big guy put it on and spoke in a robotic voice, the little guy became more adamant NOT TO HAVE IT! He's just plain scared of that little macho head!

Now I'm thinking of ways to get the big guy to buy it for...ME! Hahaha! Perhaps he would find it irresistible if I tell him that I would allow him to order me around in his Optimus Prime's voice when he put that thing on, and I would do ANYTHING, I repeat ANYTHING that he orders me to. What do you think? Hehehe.


  1. hehehhehe... mama ke yg nak pakai??? hihihi...

  2. haha..ku tertipu..ingat nak baca review face mask kot2 boley terai..rupanya topeng yang dimaksudkan..ngee..

  3. chop!
    sape yang obsessed dgn transformer nih?
    big momma or the lil guy?
    confused la

  4. uish...biar betul bai.
    i bygkan facial mask tadi.
    ni mmg irfan pun kalah...

  5. best nyer!! at least your big guy could be tricked into buying it ... my fat boy kalau jgn harap la ... he would say it's too heavy for arees punya head la .. ada benda tajam everywhere la ... yadda yadda yadda ... eeeeeeeee >_<

  6. cath j : mama la yang obsessed skang nih. haha

    hanz : hahaha...tipah tertipu!

    syida : big momma!little guy takut! hahaha

    isabelle : haaa....memang irfan pun kalah kalau mak dia jadi gila toys. wakkakaa

    papakeechee : hahaha...thank God my big guy couldn't care less about such stuff. ngeh ngeh. but we are trying not to limit his interest lah now that he's developing interest towards such stuff, nanti terbantut.dah la budak ni pengecut kan huhuhu

  7. wah if he can suruh anything sure buleh punyeee hahahhaa



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