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The simplest is always the yummiest!

My mom has been complaining that I never cook 'simple food' for Irfan. You know, dishes like Masak Kicap and Sweet n Sour. Not that I didn't want to, but I'm so used to adding in lots and lots rempah ratus to my cooking, that whenever I try to make simple Masak Kicap, it always turned out tasting weird.

Today, after getting sick of all the heavy raya dishes, I can't get my mind off the kicap dishes. So I made Masak Kicap Ikan Bawal for the little guy and I. And this time, I managed to really limit myself to the basic ingredients as per my aunt's instructions. Believe it or not, we both anak-beranak ate like there was no tomorrow! Heavenly I tell you.

Now, I better start preparing other dishes before the big guy gets home, or else I would never hear the end of it : "Kesian kita, makan nasik dengan kicap saja!".


  1. Yang simple tu lah sedap. U makan sardin? Sardin masak kicap pun yummeh, sampai mejilat jari u.. :-)

  2. sekali sekala mkn simple mmg sedap DM..terbukak jer selera nie...

  3. kicap is the best!but my big guy tak suka sangat.tapi yang penting aqid suka.

  4. hani che lat : sardin! my fave too! nanti nak masak gak hehe

    ely : kannnn!

    hanim : sangat sedap kan..memang terbuka selera

    syida : yerp, yang penting si kenit suka! hehe



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