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Aren't we all ladies turning into our mothers as we grew older?


Growing up, I've always seen my mother diagnosing hers and our penyakit by herself. At times, she would tell our physicians which medications should she or any one of us the kids be given, for the diseases that she diagnosed us with. My mom even have the Medical Bible she would refer to every time she heard someone got infected with certain sickness.


As suspected earlier, I've got infected with UTI. I've had it once during my early pregnancy, which was like almost 3 years back. So I when I had almost the similar symptoms last night, like the burning sensation to urinate but not being able to do it properly, I knew it's got to be it! But unlike last time, las night there was blood in my urine so I was quite alarmed at first and started to imagine the worst. I was actually quite afraid to go to sleep for fear of dying in my sleep, hahaha! So I googled about the infection and read everything that I needed to know about it, at 1am in the morning. It was not the best move as reading about it only agitated me more than ever!

Anyway, this morning the big guy went to work with promise to come back in the afternoon to bring me to the clinic. So we went. He insisted that we went see my Gynea but I was so damn persistent NOT TO because I still can't get the horror of visiting the gynae every single month during my pregnancy.outta my head. So we went to see the regular physician instead.

Once inside the room, I practically implied to the physician that I have UTI before he could even check my urine. Once he went through the routine check up, my own diagnosis turned out to be true! So I proudly mendabik dada to the big guy, declaring "I'M GOOD! I CAN DIAGNOSE MY OWN DISEASE!!"

You know what his reply to me was? He simply said "Yes dear, you're turning into your mother!". Hahahaha! Phewww! I have to say, that's a scarrryyy thought ok!


  1. bleh baik kan? fiuhh.. hahah apesal u takut jumpak gynea?

    dulu jadik masa memula kawin.. i kemas2 dapur susun kuali yg byk itu.. patu i menyangkung kepenatan siap sedih gile.. papi tnya i jwb 'i dh mcm mak i, i mbebel, kemas umah non-stop & byk koleksi kuali ntah ape2..' sigh hahahahah

  2. ely : i cakap kat amin kalau jumpa my previous gynae, nanti dia ceasar i lagik. hahahahha

    haaa part kuali and pinggan mangkok, sangat our mothers kan. hahaha

  3. ihikss...
    maka kena slalu puji mak kita la...

  4. aah. i pon perasan perangai i dh jd sebijik mcm arwah ma i..huhuhu...

  5. sz mass : ya betul! hehe

    yatie : yerp as we grow older kan

    maszuber : urinary tract infection. :-D

  6. i think that the norm la sometimes without realizing it we are turning into our mothers yes it is scary heheh



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