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It's totally non-fatal, I hope!

I'm not feeling very well. I've diagnosed myself to have this one ermmm....non-fatal infection due to the symptoms that I'm having, one of which is to have blood in my pee. So let's see if I diagnosed it correctly when we go see the OBGYN this afternoon.

However, this morning the big guy started googling about the infection that I diagnosed myself with, and came out with even worse disease for me! He said he was worried throughout the night and kept on checking if I was still breathing. He added that he was  dreading the thought that he might have to have find a new momma for Irfan! Hahaha...bengong! Please don't be so imaginative Encik Amin! 

I hope you peeps will just pray for my well-being, ok. Sigh. Kena makan antibiotic lagiiii!!!


  1. its common for ladies to have urinal infoections.minum banyak air.Baaaaaaaanyak sgt!

  2. oiii update tau!! jgn demam2.. sami nk dtg raya nehh.. sami nk ayam goreng rempah yg fames tu...potato salad tu gakk...

    get well soon..

  3. adehhh..mesti sakit kan...
    semoga cepat sembuh ye bai!

  4. syida : tengah effort minum air nih! hehe

    ely : insyaAllah sempat sembuh before sami comes!

    sz mass : sakit tu idak lah sangat...cuma uncomfortable. huhu

    working mom : thanks dear!

    mama : thanks! :-)



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