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Stinky vomits euwww euuuwwwwww!

I'm a super busy momma today!

Busy cleaning up after the little guy's vomits! Eeeeeeeeeeuwww! They smell N.A.S.T.Y okeh! But what to do, it's the kind of thing that a mom has to do even though she swore never to wash a single poop or clean up any vomits of her kids before being a mom. Yeah, my imagination was totally deceiving while we were courting, wishing very hard the big guy would take over all the gross jobs of being parents! But once the little guy popped out, I just had to kiss goodbye to all those sweet sweet imagination of mine. REALITY BITES! Ouch ouch!!

Anyway, this little angel of mine has been extra clingy since last night. Wanted to sleep o n top of me and when we moved him into his own bed, he made his father slept by his side till he dozed off. Then in the wee hours of the morning, I heard a gurgling noise in my dream and after a couple of seconds realized that it was my son choking on his own vomit! Now, he's been vomiting frequently since. Refused to eat and drink. Just lying in bed watching stupid programs on the free channels!

One more day to Ramadhan and my boy is sick. Poor little darling! And happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all fellow bloggers!


  1. ala kesian nyer !! ... Hope he gets well soon ya ... then baru boleh create havoc this saturday nanti ... u guys going right?? ^_^

    Oh Happy Ramadhan to you too ^_^

  2. alahai ciannyer..semoga irfan cpt sembuh...

    selamat berpuasa utk DM sefamily..

  3. selamat berpuasa.semoga lil baby cepat2 sembuh!

  4. sama lah kitee.. nadhrah was vomiiting the whole day yday.. 10-12 times. mlm pulak Aqilah bg one of hers too.. pengsan..!

    Selamat berpuasa bai..!

  5. papakeechee : sure pi punya! nak create havoc sama2. haaha

    hanim : thanks dear

    elissmie : me hope so too!

    yatie : tahlaaaaaaaaaaaa...maybe angin kot?

    farah : haaaaaaaaaa musim muntah plak ka skang nih? hahaha

  6. salam kenalan & selamat menyambut Ramadhan



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