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Something Nostalgic #3 Si Indon Pekerja Kontrak

I was just going through the photo albums last night when I came across this picture. These are my twin brothers, who I think were about 12 or 13 y.o at this time. Dah macam Indon kontraktor rupa depa nih kan! Hahaha!

I still remember last time when we were 'young', we used to paint the walls and gate at my parent's house ourselves. Now, kena panggil orang buat because all of us have grown into big time lazy bums bums!

During this time, the brothers were so rajin to scrape off all those uneven coats of paints on the walls before we started painting. I was their mandur of coz as I couldn't stand all those debris and habuk flying around in the air. That night, I almost had an asthma attack. It was so hard for me to breathe, I had to sleep while sitting up and my mom almost had me suck on her inhaler if I hadn't refused it because I was so afraid thinking that I might have ASTHMA! Scary thought okeh!

Even now, when I'm over exposed to dust and debris I would be having such symptoms too. I hope the attack won't ever be as bad that I would have to use the inhaler like my mom does. Ameen!


  1. ihiksss...sabarr je la...
    dolu2 mmg tugasan mengecat ni sinonim juga dgn diriku ;P

  2. i tak penah cat umah walau i teringin ank buat keje mengecat ni agaknya my parents tak yakin ngan i kot ekekek

  3. Hi, Was at MamaTiaMia's place noticed your interesting callsign, 'drama mama'....and busybody over, ha ha, I love your humour.
    Why not get one of those face masks they use in clinics or hospitals when you become home contractor?
    Better take precautions if you are sensitive to dust....

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. heheh..same with me, tp i xkose nak scrap2 dulu..i pon xbley tahan ngan habuk ..pastu musti bersin2 tanpa henti !...
    thn ni azam nak cat segala grille and pagar umah...chaiyok chaiyok !

  5. same with me larr, tp i xkose nak scrap2 cat lame sbb xtahan dgn habuk tu...i akan bersin2 tanpa henti !
    thn ni berazam nak mengecat semua grille pntu dan tingkap juga pagar saya...chaiyok chaiyok !..
    sekian.. :)

  6. sz mass : kannnnnnnnn! bila la anak nak besar boleh suruh cat. hiks

    lady : hahaha...yaka? perhaps yuor parents sayang sangat ngn anak pompuan diorang ni kot. taknak kasi comot2 hiks.

    uncle lee : thanks for the suggestions! will definitely use my N97 after this! :-)

    working mom : wahhh serious? nak buat sendiri ka? i teringin gak nak cat grill tapi cam tak sanggup ja! hahaha

  7. i pun habuk2 ni sensitip and ada asthma gak :)



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